Banning critics

  • @FannyBandit dude go take care of your mental health, you have some serious issues.

  • I do have PTSD, but that’s treatable.

    Unfortunately, being a judgmental and condescending concern-troll doesn’t have any available treatments. You should probably focus on yourself more.

  • Reithur was never fired. He left. That’s the first thing you’re wrong about.

    Reithur was just too nice. He wouldn’t ban you. He would keep giving you chance after chance. Which you took advantage of. In the end he couldn’t fix you. And for that he was sorry.

    We don’t like releasing people’s private information. But it turns out we don’t have to as some Reddit user compiled most of your exploits for us.

    To claim any of what you did there to be civil is straight up laughable.

    It shows you consistently insulting the developers, the moderators and literally anyone else who was vaguely against your behavior.
    You consistently lied about the events that transpired. Just so you could carry on this crusade against TB over their apparent wrongdoings which boiled down to not giving you an alpha key for mirage. That’s what this whole thing was over.

    Then you went into bat shit crazy territory with this gem Posting it all over the place. All you succeeded in doing with that was make everybody laugh. At you. Was that your goal? Because that’s what happened.

    Even now you create new conspiracy theories on the fly. Do you really think anyone is going to believe any of what you say? Seriously?

    After all these lies everybody has seen you have no integrity left. You fail at every turn to take the tiniest shred of responsibility or accountability for your actions. You’ve stooped so low that your moral compass is so far south that you’re 6 feet from Antarctica. You can call TB terrible all you like. They’ve made some mistakes. Some big ones. But can you really stand next to them and call yourself superior in those regards? Nobody else can.

    You’ve become the very thing you despise. All over a mirage alpha key.

    I don’t think you’re going to change. You’re going to find new things to crusade about. Just seems to be who you are. Nobody knows why you do it. But the world isn’t flat and torn banner just wants to make video games. You either buy it and spend another 5000 hours or you don’t.

  • @gregcau I just realized something. I was banned for allegations of bad behavior, yet you blatantly got away with insulting someone for having mental health issues and the moderators didn’t bat an eye. This selective rule enforcement was one of my original points and this is standing proof that bans are targeted at critics, not people with bad behavior. Thank you for proving my point.

  • @lemonater47 He didn’t leave, you guys posted that he was asked to leave which is the same exact thing as being fired, just with a Canadian twist. I never insinuated that he wasn’t nice, but even nice people can drop the ball. It was when he refused to pick the ball back up after I gave him and TBS my time in exchange for early access that I wouldn’t let him or TBS off the hook until they followed through on their promise. Since this promise was written and I did my part, failing to deliver is fraud. You can’t claim that I lied when Reither admitted, after all of that, I was never given what was promised. It wasn’t me that needed chances, I delivered and TBS didn’t.

    Did you even read the content of that subreddit post? I was very civil until I was repeatedly insulted in trying to obtain what was promised and I stood my ground. Not a single person who lashed out at me and violated multiple guidelines, including hand-selected moderators, was banned in any sense. I doubt they were even warned. Now that I can clearly see everything that was said, I was at their same level and engaging at the tempo that your moderators set. If you’re claiming that I wasn’t being civil, how would you describe the behavior of the moderators? If name calling, berating, accusations, slander, and shaming was the civil standard set by the moderators which the subreddit clearly shows…then why was I the only person from those exchanges who was banned? Like I pointed out above with gregcau’s comment, selective rule enforcement is blatantly targeting critics and people who won’t lick your Chinese boots.

    I wouldn’t be too worried about people taking me seriously, I couldn’t care less. I’m not the multi-million dollar company who’s survival is on the line, with Chinese investors to answer to, that’s getting trashed all over the internet for the very same reasons that I’ve endured and am bringing to your attention. Of course I made people laugh, that was the entire point of the latter post, yet your lack of self-awareness brought you to the wrong conclusion. I was the jester, you guys are the joke. You’re the ones in need in this dynamic, not me. You’re desperately trying to recover your terrible image and you guys can’t drum-up enough customers in a genre that’s now in a competitive market. As it stands, objectively speaking from a business perspective, you guys are the abusive and neglectful single mother who’s trying to get the guy she cheated on back and supporting her and her kids. I’m the guy at the bar who’s laughing his ass off because I called all of you out on your crap.

    I’m not superior to anybody in any regard and I have no idea where that came from, as well as the lying bit. It takes a special level of delusion to think that after you’ve heavily neglected your customers for 8 years in a now competitive market, you actually think that you’ll be able to keep yourselves afloat while appeasing your Chinese investors. You guys have over $30,000,000 unaccounted for and now you’re asking us to support you yet again. If that isn’t shameless, I don’t know what is. I can’t find a single public forum of any sort in which the entire company is being trashed by an overwhelming majority of your own demographic. You can try and mock me all you want, but you guys are the sell-out laughing stocks of the gaming world.

    If I had a goal in all of this, it was to expose the true nature of TBS and it’s moderators. Based on every public forum, I’d say that I was right. You can disagree all you want, but good luck arguing with over 90% of your demographic who evidently agrees with my position. Here’s an example taken from your strongest PR campaign which is to your highest advantage.

  • @FannyBandit

    This first started with you making that thread on Reddit calling it a scam.

    Reithur responded that it’s far more practical to give you alpha keys when you can actually play.

    You then were 100% unreasonable, still called it a scam (Fraudulent) and went on with your paranoid rant.

    It was that reply of yours which made everybody watching stop and say…

    “What the hell is wrong with this guy”.

    And here we are. Banned from TB social media spaces and banned from the Mordhau forums and Mordhau subreddit for good measure. You seemed to have pissed then off too.

    You don’t get it. It’s your behaviour everyone has a problem with. You’re paranoid and feel entitled to things. A spectacular combination. You’ve already said that you yourself have some sort of mental illness. So I don’t think Greg pointing it out is against any rules. Unless you don’t have anything affecting your mental health and you just made it up?

    90% of people agree with you? All the evidence disagrees with that. Who in any of those Reddit threads supports you? They were all against you. Nobody likes people who act entitled. Nobody likes unreasonable actions born out of shear paranoia.

    Fact of the matter is it’s your behaviour that made this all an issue. The sooner you accept that the sooner you can improve. Until then we don’t really want you around places like the discord or Reddit. I’m sorry. You’ve ruined all your chances with your behaviour.

    The alternative is you can keep believing that we’re silencing you because of whatever “dirt” you may have. It’s beyond silly. It’s a lie. You’re not lying to us. You’re lying to yourself. Deep down you know what you’re doing is crazy. Maybe you’re doing it just to feel special. I don’t know.

    You’ve got nothing and you can’t hurt TB no matter how hard you try. The reason you have nothing is because TB has done nothing. The reason why you can’t hurt TB is because you are your own worst enemy.

    We all wanted to help you. We still kind of do in a way. That’s why this thread is still open. I know you know we could just lock this thread and ban that account of yours in a couple of clicks. Yet we haven’t.

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    @FannyBandit Last time, after all your drama, Reithur kindly still gave you a key for the Mirage alpha. It was a closed Alpha under a strong NDA (which you knew), but you immediately shared your alpha key publicly. Each time your post was deleted you made a new account and tried again. When a closed alpha is covered by a strong NDA, you can expect a ban if you do that. (Claiming you didn’t specifically sign a contract and were not bound by the NDA won’t change this.)

    Then you started posting libelous information about TBS / Triternion and a random politician (using multiple accounts) which led to bans and/or deleted posts on the subbreddits for chiv, mordhau, pcgaming and gaming. (Posting libel isn’t a joke, btw.) This was also enough for a ban. (Well, your Mordhau bans were probably for other reasons, too - you showed very similar behaviour during their alpha/kickstarter as you showed here, etc)

    Then your long-term trolling and baiting of devs/mods while telling half-truths and lies in order to escalate and create drama is another reason good enough for a ban after you have continued despite warnings over such a long time.

    Creating alts to avoid a ban is yet another reason to be banned - and you had at least 9 alts on reddit plus a couple discord.

  • @lemonater47 You don’t get to sit back and criticize someone’s behavior when the behaviors of the people appointed to do a job not only fail at their job, but also initiated the combative dialogue in the first place. I’m not going to apologize for standing up for myself. The toxic behavior of your moderators is what escalated the situation from a general inquiry to us going at it. I was banned from the Mordhau subreddit and forums because I was continuing on their domain, that I deserved because it wasn’t the right place. However, I’m in their discord and we haven’t had a single issue. They don’t universally ban people like you guys do and their moderators are community selected making them legitimate representatives. Unlike your moderators, they didn’t create what was considered by the gaming community as the most toxic subreddit at the time with a community manager who didn’t do his job. The only value your subreddit ever had was for shitposting, that’s not my personal opinion. I adapted to an environment and spoke their language, they didn’t bother me as much when I stood up for myself.

    You also don’t get the luxury to sit there and act like my PTSD caused this. You guys started it, you guys banned me for behaving similar to your own staff/moderators, and then you claim that you always wanted to help me. Does any of that genuinely add up to you?

    How can I be lying to myself when the majority of the community agrees with most of my points? Click on the link I sent earlier and actually read their comments. They consist of the major points I brought up and most of your own demographic doesn’t want to do business with you for great reasons.

    You’re free to censor and ban me, it’s not the first time it’s happened without breaking the rules. Based on you constantly trying to spin all of this back on me, you’ve managed to deflect from every single valid point I made as to why the company’s image is awful. Before you say that someone is their own worst enemy, TBS needs to look in the mirror. I haven’t lost anything, yet you gave up everything to claw away at something. If you compare where we were when this all started, I would rather be me ten times over. Yeah, I have a few people who think I’m crazy and that doesn’t bother me one bit. You have thousands of people who know you’re all neglectful sell-outs who wouldn’t give their loyal customers a sliver of the support that they gave you. We gave you over $30,000,000 and you have nothing to show for it.

    You can continue deflecting all you want. The difference here is that I wholeheartedly address your points and answer to the best of my ability. You have yet to address a single one of my points while you try and belittle me. This is the exact type of behavior that lost you guys any chance of being respected by your own demographic. Until you address the points that I’ve brought up and you’ve failed to answer for, don’t expect me to elaborate any further because I’m not interested in a one-sided discussion.

  • @random428 He gave me a key after he banned me, then apologized immediately after for not giving me one. The key didn’t work, hence why I posted it publicly as proof that it was a dead key. Not signing an NDA actually changes everything and they exist for a reason. I never forfeited my rights to freedom of speech to maintain corporate secrets, that’s you guys dropping the ball yet again and I had every right to do that for you not delivering as promised. I bet it doesn’t feel nice when people you confide in turn on you through a technicality huh?

    That “libel” was a huge shitpost I made while giggling the entire time. “Up and coming politician”…that’s a line from V for Vendetta and I was trolling for laughs. You guys originally committed contractual fraud as a multi-million dollar entity and you really think libel in the context of humor is going to stick? I’m cool with the Mordhau mods because they’re actually cool people. If I was constantly combative and crazy, I would’ve been banned from their discord where I’m very supportive…just like I was earlier in the Chivalry 2 discord. Unlike the Mordhau devs, you guys evidently hold grudges over the most petty crap and I can still see that you’re trying to get back at me.

    Keep in mind that as you’ve accused me of slander, you’ve actually committed slander against me twice in what I’m assuming is some sort of character assassination. I’m just one person, yet all of you are still holding grudges and care way more than I do so I must’ve hit a few soft spots. That explains why you don’t answer any of the points I bring up, deflect everything to me, and then try and say I’m the problem. Again, look in the mirror fellas…you’ve lost your customers for good reasons.

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    I’ m closing this thread to avoid once again useless argues and lost time.
    The ban won’t be lifted as previously told.

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