How to improve my fps ?

  • My stystem is :

    win 7 64bit
    pent i7 2,8 ghz
    ati radeon 7850 hd 2gb
    4 gigb ram

    game setting : medium/low all set dynamic light vert sync etc set to false , res 1920x1080

    I get around 45-70 fps on servers with ± 20 players , on servers with less then 6 players i get around 90-110 fps

    any way to improve the fps ? maybe install more ram ?

  • Developer

    In the console:

    stat unit

    When framerates start falling, what do the four numbers show (you can screenshot it if you have to)?

  • with the stat unit command i get these readings when in heavy combat :

    frame 19.28 ms
    game 19.36 ms
    draw 14.06 ms
    gpu 13.54 ms

    fps where around 42

  • Developer

    You’re probably CPU-limited then.

    Check your power settings (BIOS and Windows), they may be scaling the CPU’s speed down for some reason. You can verify if CPU scaling is happening by downloading CPU-Z (download link on the right under “Download latest release”), and seeing if your CPU’s Core Speed is lower than its maximum speed when the slowdowns happen.

    As far as memory goes, you can check to see how much is being used in Task Manager, and use Windows’ Resource Monitor and check “Hard Faults / second” on the game’s executable to see if it’s having to go to the page file too often (indicative of there not being enough RAM to store the whole game along with whatever else is in there)

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