Can't get into any games now…

  • I’m also having problems: All the servers in the browser are reported as full. All of them. Something tells me this isn’t just because of the game’s popularity, something isn’t quite right here…

  • Oh, and guess what? When I entered the game today I saw my graphic settings re-setted, which is what happens when my weapons unlock also re-sets… If that means I lost my weapons FOR THE 3rd TIME after re-unlocking lot’s of knight vanguard and archer stuff, I will be very mad… Extremely frustrated with the game at the moment.

  • I have the same problem. I was able to play on one server after the hotfix. My ping was high so I changed servers but I got the bug which makes sound disappear. So I had to restart the game. Now I can’t join any server. “Your connection to the host has been lost”.

    I love this game but all these bugs and shitty server browser are very frustrating.

  • same. showing all servers full. cant connect to anything.

  • Same happens to me. Anyone else got their graphic settings re-setted?

  • Yeah, I had my graphics reset back to default. Though I didn’t have any luck in joining any servers from the beginning.

  • Yep. They are either all full or you find the occasional ones with 0. Really annoying. I’m also afraid of this graphic reset thing because it’s usually what gives me the sign that I lost my weapons again… :x

  • My graphics reset but my rank and all my unlocks remained the same so hopefully y’all dont have to worry about that. Getting pretty frustrated though, some hot"fix".

  • Same issue for me O_o Fun times buying game and being able to play 3 rounds :(

  • +1, me and other 2 friends can only find full or passworded games; maybe some1 share their server name/password till this problem is fixed? :)

  • Same here, all servers are full or empty and I can’t connect to any of them. Never encountered this problem with Chiv before, even during the beta.

    I’m currently trying the usual troubleshooting steps with Steam, I hope this issue won’t last…

  • A lot of people have this issue, but what confuses me is that not everyone is experiencing it. One of my friends is having no problems at all joining while I have done everything I can think of/find to fix it and nothing is helping.

  • Same problem, haven’t been able to get into any servers since the hotfix.

  • Just jumpped on the forums and suffering from the same issue… played this morning slightly laggy-er then usual but fine… now unable to connect and failed to authenticate.
    This is very frustrating!!

  • According to the devs, the problem is on steam’s side and not chivalry’s. Check Facebook for info :)

  • Re: Release Hotfix 1
    by Tibberius » Tue Oct 23, 2012 4:24 pm

    LATEST UPDATE ON SERVERS: STEAM RESPONSE - “We are aware of the issue and are investigating what is currently causing the issue. This is something with our servers and not your side.” Apologize for all inconvenience, it turns out it is a STEAM issue, and not related to the latest Hotfix. Will keep you updated!

  • @MinorityMats:

    It appears that all servers are full also. I’m starting to think that they actually are down and there’s some kind of bug showing them being full…

    Yup - same here - all servers are full and I can’t get on any. :o

  • Me too, haven’t been able to play ever since the hotfix came out. All servers are full and when I try to connect to empty ones or ones with 1 person in it, it says: disconnected from host.

    Any developer who reads this: I have posted a very extensive bug list and my specs on the bug page with new bugs I encountered in the last 2 days.

  • I noticed the same problem. Was playing just fine this morning and then noticed that a patch was being downloaded then went on to play later and bam! can’t connect to a single server. I hope they are fixing this issue very soon. :(

  • It’s not the hotfix, as mentioned by the dev above; just unfortunate timing.

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