Some good vanguard/knight in EUW help me get better

  • Hey guys,

    Im a bit new to this game, not super new but still new, and I was wondering if any good vanguard/knight would like to fight me and teach me new stuff, and help me improve.omegle discord I dont really wanna spend that much money on mordhau and I really like chivalry so far so idk.
    I was also really impressed by the skillgap, when I played some duels a few years back when I first picked up the game, and got absolutely shit on. Now im back to the game and want to get gud.

    Most of the time of the day all servers are empty and on the big objective servers I can’t really improve 1v1. I dont know if this is a weird request, but hmu! Im eager to learn, get shat on, and improve

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