Developer Blog #2 - Melee Combat Basics (Part 1)

  • Developer

    Hopefully this shows you guys a better look at what Chivalry will look and play like, plenty of features of the melee combat system have been left out for time purposes and will be covered in a future blog. Let us know what you think!



  • all that is needed is to make the animations a lil smoother but im sure this is just the example and it will be smoothed out soon enough.

  • Excellent! I look forward to learning more about this blocking system.

  • That looks very impressive! I love the fast pacing of the fights, can’t wait to try it out myself.

  • omg I’m so sad now that I saw that video….


  • Looks nice.

  • Lol, nice video. Though it looks more like they’re sandskiing than walking. lol.

  • I will buy this 100% is perfect ! A release date of the beta or something?

  • THIS. LOOKS. EPIC. :D :fenc:
    can we have moar blood on floor plz to satisfy my grizzly blood-pooling needs….

  • wish youtube wasn’t broken so i could watch it…

  • @Vox:

    wish youtube wasn’t broken so i could watch it…

    mine too >:

  • Dodging is unfinished?
    It lack animation - 1:41 legs are moving forward but he is moving backward.
    And it looks unbalanced - it move you fast, for long distance and at 1:51 he started his attack even before dashing which is cheap.
    But i am pretty sure it will be balanced before release. I hope in part 2 they will talk about weapon difference, shields and that anti-block kick.
    Even now i love this game!

  • Developer

    Dodging is unfinished there, it will be sold a lot better with the animation later and also balanced out, this was done just to showcase how it could be useful, not to showcase situations where it would be bad to dodge. Also we still need to fix some things with the animations legs and thats why they slide around a bit, will not be present in final release.

  • Man this is really cool, i didn’t expect to actually be able to jump over someones attack, that’s pretty darn awesome

  • Nice! But animations need more work :)

  • vonRas…that was already said multiple times in this thread. XD

    Anywho, I am LOVING this! I like the block ability, though I am wondering…will there be other directions of attack other than right-to-left horizontal, left-to-right vertical? Can I do an uppercut with the vertical button? Can I swing in a left-to-right horizontal attack? And where was the boot to the face for crouching?

    The animations look fine for where they are right now, and I hope that for dodging, you don’t use an over-the-top dodge like Assassin’s Creed (Jerks the whole body away, flailing arms), but go more for a simple step back. The models look amazing, though I am wondering if all we are going to see are these plate-mail knights. I’m looking forward to seeing the chainmail guys. And are there just tabbards, or are full-length surcoats going to be in the game, as well?

    Aaaand…I expect none of these will be answered until the game comes out. lol

  • Ok so now you actually parry enemy with your sword?Is the swordhitbox only as big as the visual sword or bigger?Do you have to connect your sword to the enemy’s to parry?

  • There will be some gore in this game like in age of chivalry when u where hit by catapult?
    I would like some limbs cutting when u hit a low health player to cut his leg or arm depemding where your sword traces cut the model.

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