Not enough servers?

  • There seems to be an acute lack of servers at the moment. Every single one is filled to the brim! (To clarify i get a lot of servers in my list. They’re just all constantly full).

    Maybe being the top-selling game on steam isn’t so nice after all? ;P

  • There appears to be an issue with _every _server right now which is making them appear full and unjoinable.

  • Thanks for the speedy response! Hope it’s sorted soon :)

  • today when i logged in there weren’t a single playble server (server under 250 ping) that i could join, this is a bigger issue than it seems

  • Re: Release Hotfix 1
    by Tibberius » Tue Oct 23, 2012 4:24 pm

    LATEST UPDATE ON SERVERS: STEAM RESPONSE - “We are aware of the issue and are investigating what is currently causing the issue. This is something with our servers and not your side.” Apologize for all inconvenience, it turns out it is a STEAM issue, and not related to the latest Hotfix. Will keep you updated!
    Team Lead

  • Yeah and just to be clear guys , It’s not because of the hotfix , it’s on steam-end.

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