Chiv2 Combat feedback

  • After the 2 alphatests (I played about 10-12 hours combined)
    I got to experience most maps, and really enjoy them, specially tournament, but me being a true knight, I consider 1v1 combat the most important skill expression in the game, and sometimes properly parrying (as opposite to spamming the defend button), doesnt feel as rewarding when against a super fast weapon, which is very hard to punish when using something heavier such as the heavy mace.
    I’d like for the heavier weapons to be more balanced in 1v1 duels, whilst not making them OP against hordes of players, maybe reduce the animation spinups, and also reducing the stam it drains, or damage it deals?
    All else aside, some animations felt clunky, but overall the combat and sounds are very satisfying, definetly bring that metal up

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