My first experience with Chivalry 2

  • I didn’t play much chivalry I. So this is from a new player perspective. As it is with many games I found myself being quite a newbi in the first hours with a sword ^^ But I like the mechanic and found the game fair and slowly I started progressing. After 4 hours training I swifted to crossbow and mannnn. I’ve never looked back since. There is nothing more refreshing than landing a 40 yard headshot with a crossbow. It seemed really balanced I was exposed after I shot, so easy to counter, but at the same time I was able to have an bigger impact and make more damage as if I had kept on playing as a swordsmen. (Sry to the teammate I hitted doe, as people are swinging sword from left to right hahah)

    Something I really liked was the two big objectives maps. Damn they were nice. My crossbow hearth found some problems doe, when shooting above and around fences. The boxes is not completely set… so the arrows would get stuck as if they hitted the wall in front of me, but like 10 cm above the actually grafics of the wall. a bit frustrating at times as I knew it was 10/10 shot that would’ve hitted that Chivalry 1 Clan player with 1000+ hours.

    Fair to say I liked this game, and sometimes I felt like an MI6 agent going 20 feets away from 3 enemies with a small amount of allies in front of me, having the chance to affect the result of the battle.