All Servers are Full

  • So it seems all my servers are full or empty for some reason. I try to connect to servers I was playing yesterday (that say they are full now) and the game tells me “Authentication Failed”. Or if I try to join a empty server, it tells me “Your connection to the host has been lost”.

    Not sure if this has anything to do with the Hotfix or not, maybe even my settings. Is anyone else having the same Issue? Or am I alone in this with a easy known fix?

  • Having the exact same problem now. I downloaded the patch and played for a bit. Afterwards I quit the game, and now I can no longer find any eligible server. My entire browser just goes blank when I tick the ‘No full servers’ option, and if I try to connect to any server at all, it makes me wait for a bit and coming afterwards with the ‘Connection to host has been lost’ error.

    I am experiencing this issue the second time I play after the patch

  • wow this is shitty man. i cant join any games any more. first itll say lost connection to host when trying to connect but the next ones it will say authentication failed.

  • I think that it is quite big problem as everyone has some problems or is unable to play the game atm. I hope that we will see fix very soon.

  • Same here.

  • i shouldnt have applied that patch. can we go back again please i can play and cope with the crashes with the version before this recent patch, but not being able to play i dont like it

  • Re: Release Hotfix 1
    by Tibberius » Tue Oct 23, 2012 4:24 pm

    LATEST UPDATE ON SERVERS: STEAM RESPONSE - “We are aware of the issue and are investigating what is currently causing the issue. This is something with our servers and not your side.” Apologize for all inconvenience, it turns out it is a STEAM issue, and not related to the latest Hotfix. Will keep you updated!
    Team Lead

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