Dedicated Server

  • I setup a server on my Lan using Linuxgsm…
    The equipment is more than adequate and the server runs…it is not showing up on the server browser but I can figure that out. The problem is it does not seem to acknowledge the admin login…I do not know if it is supposed to give you some response …but it repeats the command <<adminlogin xxxx>> it does NOT allow me to do anything as admin though, and it does not recognize that the server has a login password for players. When I list the details it does acknowledge that the admin password is activated…Admin addbots xx does not work on any map I switch to. I have to do a vote to switch maps…I cannot find any info concerning this problen. I did verify with the cmwserver details command the correct .ini file. It is as if it will do ANYTHING except the admin thing…can anyone help?

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