Ban without reason

  • Hi all, i just get a ban without a reason, proof, or everything else. I just get tkilled by an idiot (having proof too), other people kick him, but i get the ban! I paid for this game, this is abuse of power.

  • Hi Mingay, the player that teamkilled you will get a warning, you did not get banned because of that. You however were teamkilling/ teamdamaging players long before that match and only stopped teamkilling the next match so you could get your victim who was retaliating kicked. You also got a warning for teamdamaging the king on Stonehill.

    Usually I would refer you to the ban appeal thread but since you have been banned before you cannot appeal this ban. If you feel an admin has abused his powers you can create a report through the contact page. Also note, you are allowed to play on non Official servers but playing on Officials with any account might result in a gameban.

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