Is Epic gonna be the only way to play?

  • I dont think it impacts the quality of the game first off lets get that out there. But I also really really really hate the epic launcher. Its just so basic and boring compared to Steam. Its not gonna change my mind of whether I get the game or not but figured I’d ask here.

    Also if it is going to be an egl thing only, Why? Legit curious, dont be a dick just wanting to know and understand the why

  • The way I see it because as far as I know, the devs haven’t talked about this yet; Is that it is easier for them to focus on the game and not marketing. This is something I found about in many articles from other devs in other games, that they posted their game on epic games so they didn’t have to focus too much on marketing, and they could just focus on the game.

  • @PandaPentium94 It’s coming to Steam a year later, and to consoles at the same time as Epic.

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