Sorting servers

  • sorting servers only works one time.
    after a failed attempt to join a server (the big problem these days) i cant sort servers by name, players etc. anymore.

    btw: nor did restarting steam, or switching from steam beta to normal steam change my unablility to join a game. (all servers full etc.)

  • Same here

  • @sibowski:

    sorting servers only works one time

    Same here.
    Need to restart game for that to work.
    Allso! If i try to sort before it´s finished searching…UDK.exe crash

  • Same here, also if I try to sort them too quickly the game crashes (UDK.exe has stopped working).

    The game crash issue existed prior to the recent Steam server issue.

  • There’s a slight delay in sorting servers at the moment if you try to sort too quickly. We’ll figure out a better way to do this for the next patch.

    However, I don’t seem to be crashing anymore so if you could post your My Documents\My Games\Chivalry Medieval Warfare\UDKGame\Logs\Launch.log file that’d be great. Thanks

  • There you go mate ;)

  • Hey, this doesn’t seem to be related to the server browser.
    We’re looking into this crash though.

  • How the ____ did you not notice this?

    It’s gone from being functional but unstable, to being functional once per launch of the game.
    Next time please unit test your code before wasting my time downloading a fundamentally broken patch.

    If this were still a free mod I’d be far more understanding.
    However you’re a business selling a product to paying customers; there is an implicit expectation of professionalism in your processes & resultant product.


    Love the game; don’t take my harsh tone to heart.


    You need to get your mappers to revisit some of the maps; several of them contain potential exploits of one form or another. (Access to areas that shouldn’t be reachable, allowing advantageous camping and in some cases complete bypassing of certain map objectives.)
    At some point I’ll probably post a youtube video outlining their locations.


    There’s also a hell of a lot of redundant geometry & textures that could be removed from many of the maps without any detrimental effects to their appearance.

  • The servers seem to be working now so I tried to push the server browsers by sorting like crazy and the game didn’t crash. Seems to be fixed on my machine, thanks!

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