Solid Shields

  • It would be nice to have shields which will block swords/arrows even in idle stance ,so pressing ‘block’ using shield will just change it’s posision, also it wold be nice to make controll of your shield position more advanced , for example make it controlled by mouse (like sword, pressing ‘block’ with moving your mouse right and you will put the shield to the right side) and allow to hit with your sword at the same time
    It will make gameplay more dynamic and realistic
    sorry for creepy description :?

  • Currently, turning your character is controlled by mouse. If you want to turn your shield, you can, so that’s no issue. The suggestion on having shields block attacks even when not raised I disapprove of, as there would be no reason anymore to raise your shield and drain stamina/lose sprint capability etc, if you could just turn your unraised shield towards the blow. There wouldn’t be an advantage to not using shields anymore.

  • I think this has already been discussed and iirc it might be implemented for blocking ranged weapons, but it won’t be for melee weapons, and I think that is logical. Also, I can’t imagine blocking and attacking simultaneously will be possible, as that would be almost impossible to implement intuitively with mouse&keyboard controls and extremely hard to balance out gameplay-wise.

  • for example in aoc turning head up/down havent affected shield, round shields or bucklers were somewhere near belt so hitting shoulders/head/legs should be blocked using stamina, huge shields were defending everything exept lower legs and head , that issue may make reasonable to choose huge heavy slow knight from the fast man at arms(in aoc there were no difference exept of speed and damage)
    i think it could be made by allowing player to move freely his shield with mouse after pressing block key
    smth like in the “Room Without A Window” game(the moment u tspining ur hand u have to hold the button)
    also in that game possible to contract your hand when spinning ==> it can be remade like hitting with sword whilemoving ur shield

  • I approve of the idea. Shields should barely have anything to do with stamina.

  • I honestly don’t understand what eublefar is trying to say in his last post, so I wouldn’t know whether I approve or not :? .

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