Disk IO Failure error[PLEASE HELP]

  • Well here is the thing:steam made an update for chivalry MW but my antivirus program finds it as a threat.I choosed not to Delete the file but even tho’ it remains a corrupted file.so,every time I launch the game it says “Corrupted File”,so it won’t start.

    After that,i did the validating of the game files so i downloaded the corrupted file again without deleting it but with the only difference that this time,game won’t start as it says “Disk IO Failure”

    I need help>
    (Also,Question:is the hotfix ,which is gonna be released, gonna fix these kinds of problems?)

  • The steam update is the hotfix. Can you add an exception for the file - or better yet, the entire Steam folder, as I assure you Steam will never download a virus - to your antivirus?

  • Well,Even if i give the order to the antivirus “not to take action” when it locates the file,the same problem still comes up as it keeps saying:

  • If you’re seeing a pop up asking you to take action/not take action, it’s already too late. What you want is for the antivirus to ignore completely the Steam or Chivalry folder so the game can start without interruption.

    Open your antivirus’ settings and look for the menu where you can set exclusions, then set it to ignore the entire Steam folder for instance, or just the Chivalry folder.

    Check your antivirus documentation or google to learn how to do this with your specific antivirus software. Once it’s done, verify integrity of Chivalry files in Steam or reinstall the game completely.

  • 1st)ok i exclusioned steam files but when i verified integrity of chivalry files(for 6th-7th time) the broken file is not downloading because it says “Updating paused”(and as many times i try to “resume updating” it remains as paused :S ),-so i’m still stuck with the Disk IO failure problem- .

    2nd)Now,in case i need to reinstall the game,where can i find the CD key of the game (and in case i delete the game and i’m gonna downloaded again,it gonna ask the CD key)?

  • There’s no need for a CD key with Steam, just right click on the game in your library - Delete Local Files, then click on Install to download the game files again.

    Your progress and unlocks might be reset in the process.

  • And again,nothing.I re-installed the game and still same problem with “Disk IO Failure”.but right now,the strange is that the update of Chivalry is Somehow paused and as many times i click on “Resume Update” NOTHING HAPPENS.IT IS STILL PAUSED(so right now its like steam’s problem too):

    please help me bcuz this thing begins to annoy me

  • This looks like the same issue:
    http://forums.amplitude-studios.com/sho … IO-Failure

    Maybe right click on the steam/chivalry folders and subfolders - Properties - Security - and change permissions (tick Allow) everywhere for every user. Do this for all Chivalry subfolders to be safe.

    If that doesn’t work send an email to support, use google, or wait for another user to help you out.

  • 1st)The link that you gave me,doesn’t shows any solution answer :S .its same problem that says there but he just writes in the end “Problem solved” but no post shows how to fix it.

    2nd)i tried to change the permissions from CREATOR to me but it says that access denyied so no changing would happen.

    Edit:I’ve made a topic about it on Steam Support.so I will post it here if the problem is solved…

  • The useful part in that link was that the problem had something to do with folder permissions. I’m just trying to point you in the right direction assuming you’re trying to fix the problem by yourself.

    If it’s too hard or not clear enough, just wait for support or somebody else to get back to you with clear instructions, I’m just another user like you.

  • yeah i saw it…but as i wrote,i can’t change the permissions on me because CREATOR(of the game) Denies the Access on the file.
    And on resume,since i tried it with several ways change it,now the chivalry file on steam won’t let me open it as i have no access on it :S…WTF!!!

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