Is this game still on track for 2021?

  • Just found out that Chivalry 2 is comming to consoles a few days ago. Then I went digging for news and the last update I could find was August - which had me worried.

    Chivalry is my favorite game of all time. No other game has been so much fun for so many hours. Played it on pc and later on the xbox one. Mordhau never really gave me the same enjoyment as Chivalry did. The updates to the combat system sounds great, but with Chivalry there is no way to know until you’ve played it for quite a few hours.

    So my questions are:

    1. Is Chivalry 2 still on track for 2021 (Q1?) and all is fine?
    2. Is the beta on track as well?
    3. Is the alpha still running on PC?
    4. Will the game support 120fps on series x (1080p is fine)?

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    @Mr_Gallows Most of the news updates are on the official Discord so that’s the best place to find the most recent info.

    The alpha is still running and everything is fine, just delayed a bit beyond the original schedule. I don’t think it’s due for a Q1 release (unless we get very lucky), I think they are just aiming for 2021 without being specific.

    COVID rules slowed down development to a degree, but they sorted out how to work from home, etc. The game is due to be released on current and next-gen consoles at the same time as PC (with crossplay over all platforms) so it should be a lot more populated for console players than the first game.

    I have no idea about what fps will be available on consoles, though. They’re working hard to optimise the game since it has to run on the current gen, but I don’t currently know more than that.

  • Ok; thank you - I’ll look on discord. :)

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