Patch Notes: February 23, 2021

  • Developer

    Welcome back to the Chivalry 2 Alpha, Round 11!
    We are excited to once again offer PC and Xbox crossplay this alpha!

    In addition to the Xbox One, the Chivalry 2 Alpha is available on Xbox Series X|S consoles via backwards compatibility but does not contain any Xbox Series X|S enhancements at this time.

    Alpha Round 11 Maps

    • Team Objective: Dark Forest
    • Team Objective: Rudhelm Siege
    • Team Deathmatch: Wardenglade
    • Team Deathmatch: Tournament Grounds


    • Character Customization is now available!
    • Progression flow has been updated!
    • Stats have been reset!
    • The server browser is back for PC players!


    • Improved client performance
    • Improved server performance
    • UI related optimizations
    • Inactive particle optimizations


    • Switch from forward to deferred rendering, players should see improved lighting and improved rendering features (Screen Space Ambient Occlusion and Screen Space Reflections) as a result
    • Level balance changes to help attackers


    • Improved fog


    • Fixed a bug that prevented players from spawning
    • Collision polish
    • Removed barricades on the side path before the courtyard
    • Adjusted Agatha spawners in stage 1
    • Reduced delay of combat zone deactivation for defenders to 15 seconds


    • Added bandages to resupply cart
    • Moved spawn points
    • Collision polish
    • Minor spawn adjustments
    • Ambient corpses added in the keep
    • Resized convoy size
    • Increased petard cart weapon rack cooldown to reduce petard spam
    • Reduced delay of combat zone deactivation for defenders to 15 seconds


    • Players no longer break sprint if they drop off a short height
    • You can now do a special attack when parry is pressed first
    • Fixed an issue that allowed the player to be able to strike enemies behind them in melee
    • Adjusted movement speed to reduce downtime spent out of combat with minimal effect on combat
    • Spawn speed bonus increased from 10 to 15%
    • Max sprint speed slightly increased
    • Time to reach sprint slightly reduced
    • Movement speed while walking backwards has been slightly increased
    • Adjusted release timings of specials and sprint attacks to make them feel more violent
    • Tweaked stamina regen curve to pause during attacks more
    • Overhead, stab and special attacks are now slightly easier to drag
    • Specials now hit success again, meaning if you hit an enemy (not if they block) you can combo out
    • Adjusted archer draw and fire slows - Fixed fists hitting farther than intended
    • Overheal max increased from 25 to 30


    • New Heal animation for all weapons
    • New revive animations
    • Lots of character and weapon animation blending polish
    • Fix queueing attacks from emote


    • Lots of weapons and balance tweaks!
    • Fire arrows now burn players
    • You can now pick up one bandage kit while at full health
    • Fixed spear and 1 hand blunt sprint attacks not being interruptible in release
    • Fixed windup being faster than intended when feinting to a heavy attack
    • Fixes to carryable bandage and balance
    • Throwables distance pass on all loadout items
    • Special item recharge time significantly reduced (from 240 to 180s in most cases, 60s per bandage kits max 3)
    • Falling traps now award the kill to the person who triggered it - Spike traps now award kills correctly
    • Made bow and longbow projectiles faster and reduced damage to offset
    • Weapon switching now significantly faster
    • Bandage kit made easier to hit
    • Releases on many weapons made a little faster
    • Increased Sway on longbow now kicks in only when beneath 30% stamina
    • Revised tracers on all weapons for consistency
    • Projectile collision and flight paths adjusted
    • Boosted warhorn radius substantially and made it heal completely


    • News, Info and Combat Info screens have been added
    • Improvements to social screen and parties
    • Fixed player HUD markers so they properly show who is your friend, in your party, or neither - Improvements to special item indication
    • Keybind HUD tool tips now update when the input method changes
    • Fixed a bug where the radial inventory widget wouldn’t open if a player tried to open the inventory widget soon after closing the emote wheel


    • Changes to D-pad for new button layout
    • Added alternate attack on L3
    • Moved crouch to R3
    • Added “Swap Weapon” when you press Inventory Special while the inventory special item is equipped
    • Fixed an issue with auto-attack triggering when going into menus
    • Changed Disconnect Gamepad button from B to X in the Pause menu
    • Fixed friction to not be enabled during swings to help make drags easier
    • Updated Default Sensitivity, Focus Sensitivity and Friction values on all weapons

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