Known Alpha Issues: April 8, 2021

  • Developer

    We provide this list to you so you can be aware of what type of issues are not intended in the final game, and will be fixed before launch.

    *Note: This is not a full list but a list of some more obvious issues

    Top Known Issues

    • Possibility of missing initial spawn. (Switch teams and/or reconnect to fix)
    • Possibility of spike traps and bear traps being invisible (The dev responsible has been placed in the stockades to think about what they’ve done)
    • VIP may not properly spawn if player dies after accepting VIP spawn prompt
    • VIP may possibly end up in a broken state mid fight
    • Possibility of lingering swingthroughs on weapons (Please let us know what attacks/weapons you are experiencing this with)


    • First spawn of the map doesnt give you your preferred subclass
    • Possibility of getting disconnected when playing as archer class
    • Players at longer distances can pop locations for a few seconds


    • Players may occasionally appear to slide on some spawns
    • Characters jitter up and down when moving along short objects
    • Movement corrections happen when you jump during attack recovery
    • Rudhelm - Player may have issues getting through Sally doors


    • items available for purchase by default are showing “new” notifications
    • Next spawn wave widget holds at 0 seconds for longer than intended
    • Social - When switching/ selecting friends on social page UI response is delayed
    • Shield may move to right hand when attacking with a Javelin
    • The current female heads shown in character customization are not representative of final art and are still a work in progress
    • Switching teams at the start of the match may temporarily make the player appear on a different team for other users
    • Camera is directed towards origin instead of commander during commander speeches
    • 1P model from 3PP while sliding on first spawn on in progress match
    • 3p camera during initial run in spawns will jitter
    • Dx12 VRS causing visual artifacting
    • Catapult rock appears stuck on the plate for a second after launch


    • Cinematic audio may be out of sync depending on load times
    • Heavy sounds are causing other sounds to drop out due to being too loud
    • Chivalry2 will take microphone input as soon as the player reaches frontend - Even if you are not in a party and have voice chat disabled


    • Emote menu shows an icon for the Right Thumbstick for navigating the emotes
    • L3 + Y to change weapons does not work
    • Holding L3 + X will bring up the emote menu, needs to come up when only holding X
    • INVENTORY - The Next Weapon button (Dpad Right) stops functioning for the Officer class.
    • Xbox controller on PC does not have impulse trigger rumble


    • Input is denied if done right after entering drag stations

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