Known Alpha Issues: December 18, 2020

  • Developer

    We provide this list to you so you can be aware of what type of issues are not intended in the final game, and will be fixed before launch.

    *Note: This is not a full list but a list of some more obvious issues


    • There are a collection of special items (you’ll see your ability to use them via the UI) in the game that are considered to be work-in-progress and subject to heavy iteration, and are not in the best state for use during the alpha
    • First spawn in to a map doesn’t always give you your desired loadout
    • Possibility of a server crash


    • VOIP: Pressing the push to talk button while on Open Microphone will mute your mic
    • Disabling voice chat for players doesn’t work until entering a server
    • Player unable to accept party invite if they miss the Main Menu pop-up
    • VOIP: Pressing the push to talk button while on Open Microphone will mute your mic


    • Feet may slide on knockbacks, especially with large weapons
    • Possibility of first person camera having too much range on spawn
    • Some weapon readability needs polish (If any in particular come to mind don’t hesitate to leave feedback)
    • Some occasional swingthroughs on weapons (if any in particular seem worse don’t hesitate to leave feedback)
    • Riposte may trigger instead of counter
    • Tracer pitch may be misaligned making it harder to hit downed players
    • Running special attacks always deal 15 damage (not representative of intended damage output)
    • Camera shake may affect throw trajectory
    • Some long respawn times across maps
    • Characters invisible initially when rejoining
    • Warhorn is invisible when used and sound is playing from the origin
    • Characters legs sideways during commander speeches
    • Characters force look down in third person during commander speeches
    • Riposte window after starting a counter may turn a successful counter into a riposte
    • Holding down the P key before dying then letting go at the death screen causes the player to lose control

    Level Design

    • Coxwell - Mason can win with Agathians still remaining


    • 1P camera may go in to neck on some respawns
    • Death camera may freeze in place on some deaths
    • Two-handed spear special attack restricts player’s camera view and breaks first-person animations


    • Score events disappear after server travel
    • Objective bar may appear blank for late joiners
      pressing numbers for VO doesn’t work as intended at the moment


    • Audio sliders may be visually incorrect on game entry
    • Footsteps not triggering consistently from players behind you
    • Foosteps on certain terrain do not play
    • Cinematic audio may be out of sync depending on load times


    • Controls with the thumbstick need refinement in deadzones and sensitivity curves
    • Pressing LT while having a bow fully drawn with RT will cancel your shot
    • Controller keybindings/controls screen is out of dateols screen is out of date

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