Known Alpha Issues: February 23, 2021

  • Developer

    We provide this list to you so you can be aware of what type of issues are not intended in the final game, and will be fixed before launch.

    *Note: This is not a full list but a list of some more obvious issues


    • First spawn of the map doesnt give you your preferred subclass
    • Occasional Fail to join server via server browser
    • Small chance to crash when mounting/unmounting catapults
    • Xbox parties may fail to matchmake


    • Unable to enter server from server browser if your party leader invites you from inside the server
    • Server browser entry will fail from party members once party leader enters server browser


    • Players may occasionally appear to slide on some spawns
    • Occasionally may spawn in with the camera detached from player (Requires reconnect)
    • Some weapon readability needs polish (If any in particular come to mind don’t hesitate to leave feedback)
    • Some occasional swingthroughs on weapons (if any in particular seem worse don’t hesitate to leave feedback)
    • Possibility that Rudhelm Heir won’t properly spawn
    • Votekick does not show proper keys to hit to accept vote kick (F4 for Yes and F5 for no)
    • Running special attacks always deal 15 damage (not representative of intended damage output)
    • Characters legs sideways during commander speeches
    • Longbow projectile path may be out of sync with the server
    • Characters jitter up and down when moving along short objects
    • Riposte window after starting a counter may turn a successful counter into a riposte
    • Bandage kits interrupt teammates
    • Jitter when on moving siege ramps


    • End of match progression UI doesn’t always update correctly
    • Objective bar may appear blank for late joiners
    • Pressing numbers for VO doesn’t work as intended at the moment


    • Shield moves to right hand when attacking with a Javelin
    • The current female heads shown in character customization are not representative of final art and are still a work in progress


    • Cinematic audio may be out of sync depending on load times


    • Keybindings menu is visually missing gamepad bindings when resetting all
    • Looking for feedback in general for gamepad from users
    • Unable to select items on gamepad tab after switching back to it from game tab

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