Please fix the "map change" bug at the server tool

  • Hey,

    as i know development for mirage is over long time ago, as you maybe know i’m the owner of the discord community “Mirage Leftovers”. We have private servers and some of our community still playing end enjoying mirage!

    The problem i encounter the most with the dedicated server tool is, that the mapchange sometimes will not work. The game will stay on the last map, and nothing happens anymore.

    This is, as you can assume, very annoying, as i cannot let my server run without babysitting, as i have to look into it regularly, and if its not working, i need to restart the server or send a manually command for the mapchange.

    Maybe, someone of you could be so kind and look into it what causes this problem? If mapchane would work all the time, everything would be ok so far.


  • That’d be really well appreciated, we still love playing Mirage to this day and this fix would make our lives much easier.

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