Can someone please help me with this?

  • Okay, so I played the game on the free weekend and no server showed up so I just played with BOT’s and enjoyed it so I decided to buy the game today and after I bought it I thought the servers would show but they still didn’t. I’ve been looking at all different solutions and none have worked, I am not opted into anything. Can someone please help me with this? Thanks.

  • You have to wait till tomorrow bro… You pre-purchased access to the beta release; which doesn’t release till tomorrow…

  • @Dalorath

    This topic is about CMW, not Chivalry 2.

  • I’d suggest you make sure the fire wall allows chivalry you can add by add exception
    in firewall and locate chivalry .exe . also a blob file used to be about to stick in the directory
    and servers showed up, not sure where that is or how to find atm. chek firewall for now
    see if chivalry is in both in and out going exceptions even port opening if your techy type

  • Hello,

    Is this problem already sorted out?
    If not you can try to check if you have any filters active

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