My feedback/ suggestions

  • So far I’m really enjoying the game ,

    I do feel there’s a lack of enterable buildings , especially on rudhelm’s town area which would add more depth and opportunity. I hope the lack of interior isn’t a running theme on all building maps

    Kicking doesn’t feel as smooth and makes your character come to a complete stop rather than glide with your running :
    Forward movements. Same applies when running forward and trying to do a jump kick.

    When you are teamkilled , give the points subtracted from the teamkiller to the person who was teamkilled as compensation

    Map suggestions:

    Ice Cavern: Starts out on a big frozen lake surrounded by snowy mountains , battle leads to giant caverns below with flowing waters, big drops to nothingness and stalagmites hanging from the massive ceilings with many tunnels , and indoor slopes leading downwards / upwards and big open flat spaces - it looks like something not of this world ,

    The final part of the map has you fight inside a secret castle/ stronghold in the caverns , underneath the ice, ruled by Agatha leaders mistress or someone else. (Female boss would be a first )

    Citadel remake: a bigger working version of citadel where malric Returns as a boss - make the volcano dynamically effect the map during gameplay.

    Haunted Mines starts off in a spooky foggy village in the middle of no where , very haunting map with phantoms running about for dynamic - area said to be occupied by witches. Battle continues into a swamp and into mine shafts.

    Future game mode ideas:

    Horde style mode against waves of undead. Either zombies , vampires or werewolves could be good. Defend the walls of a castle with one player playing as king , or a duke or an heir depending on the map with other normal teammates.

    Normal duels and VIP duels - normal duel: standard
    Player v player duels mode and a vip mode where players can control faction leaders to face off against each other

  • Oh and just to elaborate on " When you are teamkilled , give the points subtracted from the teamkiller to the person who was teamkilled as compensation "

    Have anti exploit filter to determine if same person is killing same teammate in a span of 1-2 minutes.

  • Interesting idea on the team damage, but suspect it would either be ineffective and exploited or too effective and cause false positives.

    I’ve said it a few times over the years and suggested for Chiv1: Reflective damage
    Currently most servers have 50% TD. You swing into a teammate they take 50% damage

    Reflective damage: they still take 50% damage as is standard, but you should take 50% damage too. That’d make a people more careful and isn’t easy to exploit for trolling

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