Feedback. Distracted by gameplay

    1. SOLVED THE BUG with api-ms-win-core-version-l1-1-1.dll : just copied api-ms-win-core-version-l1-1-0.dll to the desired name in \windows\system32

    2. Graphics is perfect

    3. Gameplay is distracting. I have no feel of sword as previous TB’s Chivalry, it feels more like Mordhau which I really dislike: it just a slasher, not a tactical combat. There’s more tactics and natural feeling in CS:GO with knife than here… Sorry devs. I was really expecting the combat to be like ‘polished bug-free Chivalry I’, but I’m facing what I alreay disliked in Mordhau: aimless flailing with weapons in a crowd.

    4. The game crashed when I was shooting ballista…

    5. Recorded video for personal analysis (not sharing anywhere). Noticed my sword coming through the heads of enemies without any damage or sometimes ‘blocked’ while enemies are turned their backs to me. That is really ridiculous.

    6. Pre-ordered Chiv2 and now I’m really not sure I was right doing this…

    7. Worst thing in gameplay is that you couldn’t really understand (feel) the distance to enemy, same as in MH. Chiv1 had the perfect sense of distance. 3rd-person view is quite better in sense of distance, but I want to play 1st-person on PC of course.

    8. There should be a really impacting penalties on hitting/killing own team

    9. No instant-reply on death. We really need this feature to understand what/who killed you.

    10. Maul is traditionally overpowered. Kicks are underpowered. Same as in MH.

    11. Felt almost no difference between weapons of the same type. All swords are alike, all pole-axes are the same with very slight differences. Previous version had a very different Zweihander and Messer and BastardSword and so on. The only difference is with primary/secondary weapon