Suggestion - Items/Costumes/Look changing items

  • Only a small suggestion…

    I would highly suggest you have a bunch of ‘look changing’ content that you must purchase. Nothing that actually changes stats or does anything to change the game mechanics. Just stuff that adds flavor.

    I am not talking crazy money… couple dollars here and there. Different stuff. Stuff that changes weapon models, armor pieces, etc. Adds spikes to a shoulder piece, adds blood to a halberd, turns a suit of armor black, etc etc etc

    Examples would be games like Team Fortress 2. League of legends is another genre of game but they make an absurd amount of money off ‘skins’ and similar.

    Again, nothing that does anything stat-wise. Just adds flavor.

    I look forward to your game, I enjoyed AoC heavily. I am sure this will be great as well. Just trying to help with revenue ideas that could help make it awesome.

  • I find microtransactions tacky.

  • Normally, I’m against this kind of thing, but I can live with it if an indie developer does it, as that gives you an opportunity to support the developers. Still, I’m not really a big fan of microtransactions. Anyway, whether I find it reasonable or not depends on what the game will cost. I could stand the paid DLC for Magicka (I didn’t actually buy anything yet, but I might in the future) because it was being developed by a small, young company that only charged 10 USD/EUR for their game.

  • Hatvalry: Medieval Hatfare… wait…

  • I’m a sucker for this kind of thing. It’s one of, if not, the best way for a game of this genre to earn additional money on the side, especially for newer developers and I fully support the notion of it. It’s pretty easy for Chivalry to incorporate too, for example, all they really need is a couple of alternate models for each of the classes and alternate models for each of the weapons and then an ‘on’ and ‘off’ switch. Imagine having something like ‘Excalibur’ replace the broadsword (same stats and size obviously), or a Mace with a skull on top of it instead of the usual flanged top. I just like the idea of being different to everyone else that’s why I always buy different stuff haha.

  • lots of people have made suggestion on this sort of cosmetic improvments so i would imagine the devs will do something cool with it- but please oh please don’t make the upgraded weapons only available through buying them (save some for achievement goodies)

    also if we are buying them would we buying them from the store page or that bloody steam wallet thing and can you also persuade valve to make some chiv promo items for tf2 (the most epic demoknight poss :cheers: ) lol

  • Developer

    Shotgun $5, Lightsaber $15. Any takers? :D

    We’re still investigating the customization stuff, its something we’re having to build from the ground up as we had no basis or experience in this area from age of chivalry.

  • @Tibberius:

    Shotgun $5, Lightsaber $15. Any takers? :D

    Don’t be daft :D

    All jokes aside, I’d love to see different options in suits of armor, shields, Stuff that don’t get better stats but can still be attained for a little monnies.

  • I would LOVE to see different style helmets, gauntlets, body armor, etc that you could either earn from playing or buy as DLC. I just wouldn’t like to see any of that stuff be an advantage over other players other than looking different such as buying a massively powerful weapon or armor that absorbs close to all damage, would ruin it.

    But I’m all for different flavors in style, always looks great ingame to see people looking differently.

  • You mean like the skins in league of legends? If they at least make the model different as well then i might even buy it :)

  • I think some payed stuff is ok, but also I think some base customization will go a long way. I am again going to pull m&b as an example but one of the things I found interesting about it was learning your opponents face and coat of arms. It was a smaller community (and I feel like chivalry will probably be in the same boat) so you would see the same players over and over again.

    So while face generation might be a little too much to add in, I think having a coat of arms you could select at the very least be a good customization feature. One thing that got suggested over at the m&b forums as a feature was a basic heraldry editor, so you could combine base shapes and colors on fixed locations to create your own coat of arms. While something like that is superfluous, it would be nice all the same :)

  • yeh i like the idea of coat of arms/heraldry or whatever to be made-especially if it would use some sort of cheap and cheerful system like cod’s playercard or that thing from halo (all copyright issues aside :D ). and even better having more options in how to display it as you level would help people know who theyre fighting- im thinking start with it an icon above ur head like in m&B and then on your shield and then cloak?

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