Controller needs keybinding, but here's how I would change the default.

  • The only way you can aim and hit Y for your special attack simultaneously is to monkey paw it, which is uncomfortable and not a suitable option mid-combat. You have LS press for alternate attack, y’all should make use of that in other ways. You could change hold LS and press RS to throw, and make RB+LB special. Also does LS change RB at all? It didn’t seem so to me. If not I would make LS+RB an option for special or throw as well. LS+RS for throw and LS+RB for special would be my preferred method. Either way, treating LS like a shift key is a good idea, and a big deal when your non-face button options are so limited. Face buttons just don’t work when aiming is so important.

    Also y’all might want to look into your RB+LB, maybe it’s just my press timing, or how throw works in this game but I personally found it’s functionality to be extremely hit and miss(no pun intended).

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