Where do I post bugs ? (here ?)

  • Hello,

    The email say’s I can discuss Alpha test here,

    However, this seems to be public ?

    do I have to link my account somewhere with my alpha key to get access to a special bug report / discussion forum ?

    because im not sure if I can post anything here about the alpha test without breaking the NDA ??

    Any way to link my forum account with my game account so I get access to hidden forum only for testers ??

    let me know please,

    thank you,


    P.S. I will be filling in the survey, but I have had some specific bugs I want to send more info about.

    I read this post about the info ;


    The public alpha discussion is an open space for people who are not in the alpha and people who are to talk to each other about the alpha.

    Those who are in the alpha and wish to report bugs and give feedback to the developers should do so in the NDA sections of the forums and not in this section."

    So how do I get access to that NDA private forum ??

  • @Hansie

    Hey there! If you played on PC join the Discord and complete the onboarding process in the alpha-onboarding-pc channel and you’ll get the alpha role for the discord and the forum.

    Right now you are able to post text on this forum without violating the NDA but if your bug reports/feedback requires video or pictures you’ll need to join the discord and complete onboarding to get access to the protected channels.

    Hope this helps!

  • @Yurik ok thank you,

    Ill check out the discord tonight and get the access sorted :)

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