Administrator slot in server

  • I don’t know if there is some kind of work-around or if I’m missing something here, so please correct me if I’m wrong. However, currently I think it is that when the server is full, there is no way you can enter as admin. This can prove to be very inconvenient when the server is in desperate need of moderation but is full with players.

    What I would suggest is that you can change a server option so that you can allow a few players, recognized by player ID, to come in even if the server is full, those being the admins. Or you could use the Warband idea, where you type in the password in the servers list and then join the game with admin rights until you leave the server again, then the option to join the server when it’s full could be tied to the admin password. Alternatively for both options, there could be a few slots left open for admins. The second option seems to me to be the best, but also the most difficult.

    I hope this suggestion will be of help.

  • Feedback is welcome of course :P

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