GeForce NOW - Playable on Epic through GFN?

  • Hey guys, I know Chiv2 will be exclusive to Epic for the first year or whatever, that’s fine, good work on scoring a sound deal for you both to make an awesome game!

    Question: Will Chivalry2 be playable on the Epic store through GeForce NOW any time before that first year is up? It would still be “exclusively” through Epic but available to those of us who don’t have a badass gaming PC but would gladly buy the game this second if available on GFN.

    Thanks for any insight!

    Mister Fung

  • I second this. I am actually waiting for an official GFN support announcement to buy this game, as it wouldn’t run on my laptop. I guess I am not the only one in this situation, and seeing as both Mordhau and Bannerlord already support cloud gaming, that may be the deciding factor for some people, it certainly would be for me.
    Thanks and keep up the good work!

    A medieval chicken

  • I’ve read on an article that the game should be on GFN from day 1 but there’s no announcement from Tornbanner or from GFN so unsure… I’ve already bought the game so im praying to be able to play it soon otherwise a refund is gonna be my only option… sadly.

  • Good news people, as of today Chiv2 is available on GFN. I just bought it and had only time for a few matches before work, but I can already see the games runs smoothly and is a lot of fun! I’m really glad I could get into this one. TY devs, this chicken is very happy.