If you were offered a refund would you take it?

  • As many have already said, I think it’s quite simple - am I having fun playing the game? Yes, tons of fun. Would I be willing to wait for 6 months for the issues to be fixed and only then be allowed to play? Hell no!

    -> buy & play & be happy.

  • Considering its sitting in one of the top spots on steam of the “top seller” category…I would imagine its not an issue. at all…

    I have yet to hear a single person want their money back…a few people with complaints of bugs but that’s all…

    Anyone that expects a bug less game (PC or otherwise) needs to take a step back and get a reality check.

    The question should not be “is it bug less?” but instead “Are they fixing bugs actively? are they continuing support and development for this game?”

  • @TwoKnightsOneHelmet:

    I feel that we’ve been conned into buying the game too early.

    So what you are saying is you are stupid.

    This is by far one of the best multi-player games released in a long time.

    It has its fare share of bugs sure. But I challenge anybody to name one multi-player game that was released without bugs. Because I can tell you now there hasn’t been one. And if someone thinks they has been and can name it, they either a) did not play it on release b) are lying or c) too blinded by fanboyism too notice.

  • I remember the first few PC games I bought…Boy was I pissed !! The bugs, the lag, the connexion problem… I wanted to throw my computer by the window… And then I discovered the wonderfull world of patchs and update. And the wonderfull world of participating in the creation of the game ( Alpha/Beta) after this I then understood why PC games were bug and not Console games. And then I realize console game just plain sucks. At least on my computer I can download new content, creates my own maps, try other people’s version of the game ( mod ) etc etc.

    I understood why they were buggy, and it was well worth it. You, need to do the same realization as I did. It took me 2 weeks to realize all this. Either you like complaining for no reason, your an idiot, or you just never bought a PC game before. ( In my opinion )

    This game is a new genre also, a realism medieval genre. I never seen this before, there is other medieval game but this one breaks the mold for , I hope a bunch of other games to come. It has surpass Mount and Blade and War of the roses with only his left nuts. Imagine what the whole package can grow up to be.

  • Yes, the game is rough around the edges- the archery feels lame, the siege weapons are buggy, and there are minor range issues with things like spears being able to stab at point blank. But I don’t think this breaks the core gameplay which is what we are here for and certainly doesn’t warrant a refund, the game is VERY playable and I’m glad the decision was made to release earlier rather than later. I’d rather not wait several weeks to a month for some very minor fixes so that the game plays “perfectly” when it’s good enough.

  • no.
    I know lot of people here are experiencing for the first time a game developped by a small company and are usually used to play AAA games with 250 devs behind and such.
    From my experience, im used to play games developped by indies companies, games not very polished but giving new experiences, original gameplay, something you can’t find in other games.
    Chevalry is one of thoses games, need tweaks and polish, but its an awesome game, an excellent game. 20 bucks for this jewel and people wanna know for refund ?
    I wanna trow an atomic bomb on the earth , today people do not know what a good skill based game is, thread like that show how dumb humanity has gone

  • I think torn banner did everything LITERALLY PERFECTLY and the game currently is in a LITERALLY PERFECT state and if you think otherwise then you are obviously bigoted and you have no place here and i think you ought to get banned.

  • Well maybe its just you (OP). Considering i have 30+ hours in this and have not experienced any critical bugs or balance issue as i can see. Also gaming magazines across the world has given this top reviews without saying anything about bugs. Neither my friends have seen any bugs.

    That means the core of the game is working just fine.

  • Haven’t noticed anything with the weapons, other than maybe a few animation issues you have to get used to.

    So far the gameplay is generally unhindered and I get a great sense of balance while playing. I would rather buy the game twice than get a refund, as it BLOWS War of the Roses away. It makes WOTR look like a crappy arcade game in comparison, full of new-player-pampering mechanics and unfun gameplay.

    It wins the competition imo.

  • Would I take the refund?

    I expected it to have flaws most online multiplayer games have, so I took a risk and bought the 4-pack.
    The reason I bought the 4-pack was to play this game with friends. Personally I find 90% of people online to be complete assholes. In competitive multiplayer they’re attracted to it like flies to shit, and in this game, it’s no different.

    There are bugs, or what I consider to be bugs like weapons clearly “hitting” the player and not connecting, getting stuck on rocks, no weapon progress and so on…

    But you know what? None of that matters when you play with your mates and so far even though online MP frustrates me, I still find this game pretty darn cool and will continue to play it just to smash my mates face in and hear that slushy noise.

    Anyway, for its price, you really can’t complain. So, no refund for me.

  • I would not give the game away even if they pay me double money.

    Sure it has some flaws (I have to run in window mode) but overall the game is very polished and detailed. Its so much fun to play. I will choose this over a technically perfect, but dull game any day.

  • Hell no this game is so much fun!

    Sure it has some minor issues but nothing game breaking.

    Much respect to Torn Banner for creating such a great game, keep up the good work guys. :)

  • @Han:

    No. I think this can has far exceeded my expectations. I expected an indie game based on a half life 2 mod.

    What I got was a AAA multiplayer experience for half the cost of a AAA title in 2008 (cause we all know big publishers charge $59.99 now).

    Battlefield had these issues (pick a title), Call of Duty, World of Warcraft, Skyrim, the list goes on. Give me an example of a multiplayer game that didn’t require fastidious patching for the first couple of days/weeks.

    The biggest issues have been resolved via an update, and the biggest technical glitch was with steams networks, and you feel like the game wasn’t ready to be released?

    I honestly don’t know where your expectations were with this game; but as someone who plays a lot of damn video games, this is as close to without a hitch as it comes.

    You’re one of those people who complains that they can’t talk on the cell phone on an Airplane. You may have not had a perfect experience, but nothing is perfect. Once you realize that, you will be a much happier person.


    Talk about spot on.

  • Well because of Chivalry I almost stopped playing GW2, dont have time to finish assassin creed which i bought on steam (4games like 75% off), and barely have time to play XCOM which i find amazing.
    It is always like “just one map… just one more kill, just one more charge with vanguard” etc
    Yeah they game needs polishing but it is sooo fun to play that I would bought it again even if it was 40$.

  • And what? buy it again a few weeks later, No I think i’d keep it.

  • No. I am simply having too much fun. $25 is not a lot of money to me anyways. This may not look like it, but its an indie developed title with a limited budget. The fact it sold so well will give them the ability to fully fix it and add more content.

    I would even go the other extreme and willingly pay a monthly sub to support them (more servers, content, etc).

  • No. Sure tihs game has problems but that’s how thing usually are. Every game I have played have had problems on release. Chivalry is no exception. It is frustrating if I can’t play because of the problems. Yesterday’s hotfix was a good example of that. But that just means the game is really good. So good that I get frustrated if I’m not able to play it.

  • Hell no. This game is totally worth $60.

  • No. Way.

    I love this game and everything about it, not to mention this was made by a small company with limited resources and this is their first game. I love this game, and I really hope they’ll make games in the same line in the future. CMW was damn well worth 25$

  • I love the idea of this game, and when it works the game itself.

    Saying that its not as buggy as titles such as “Dishonored” is a flagrant lie however.

    I still have yet to play this game online and I have been trying since launch. It simply doesn’t work, and I feel cheated.

    I don’t want a refund, I just want to use the product I paid for, the product that is advertised as being “complete”.

    I could care less about more maps/modes/weapons, I think the amount of content is fine, but the inability to connect to servers, and the immense lag/glitchiness when connected is brutal.

    And yes, my PC is up to date and can handle any other game on the market at high specs. This game is poorly optimized.

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