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  • Is there any chance of Mirage returning assuming Chivalry II does well? It may be a smarter business decision to just leave it in the dust, but it feels like such a waste of assets, maps, abilities, and work to just let it die.

    I think the ideal would be bringing it back in the future as a Free to Play with a bunch of loot crates for cosmetics. That would be the ideal. Maybe even just accommodating the European data law or whatever that got it taken off of Steam in the first place would be enough to rejuivnate some life into it.

    Just some thoughts.

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    I would like to see it rereleased on Epic if Chiv 2 does well.

  • It’s definitely possible, but allocating time and resources bringing it up to the Euro data laws to release for free might not be financially worthwhile. Especially for a game that didn’t do so well to begin with.

    If Epic invested in it as they did Chivalry 2 to fund the work on it that’d be different, but otherwise it doesn’t seem like a wise investment of TBs Chivalry 2 earnings.

  • @Skindiacus said in Mirage returning:

    I would like to see it rereleased on Epic if Chiv 2 does well.

    I would not buy it on Epic, as i don’t buy any games on Epic because of their politics with exclusive stuff for 1 year only on their store, etc… Thats why i will wait for chiv2 when it will be released on other platforms like steam in one year.

    So i would be out if it would be on epic only, and i would stick with the old steam game client. Except it would be f2p, or would be released after one year on other platforms. (if the game would not be dead again after a couple of month of course).

  • Maybe, as something to do to get it out there, is to make it an add-on to Chivalry 2. A DLC. If they can manage to connect it or patch it in to the main game’s coding, and pass-thru over the same network/overhead/descriptors or whatnot, then they wouldn’t have to re-code the entire thing to bring it up to regulation, as it would be protected by the main channel/software.

    Just an off the wall brain-teaser…


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