Kick mechanics (kick teching)

  • The way the kick is implemented now is pretty good: it punishes people who hold their block too long as well as punishing incorrect spacing while preserving initiative. However, it could use some work! One of the things I’ve noticed is that when you tech someone else’s kick (that is to say, you anticipate their kick and kick at the same time), the person who initiated the kick still maintains their initiative (typically because they were in the middle of a combo). I believe that teching someone’s kick should instead reset their initiative - I’ve been caught by this more than once in the middle of a duel on the battlefield.

    The reason for this is simple: it encourages people to think about kicks as both a defensive and offensive option, rather than a purely offensive one. It allows people greater expression in their fighting styles as well and brings Chiv 2 more in line with traditional fighting games.


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