[Dev Action Needed] UT3 Demos do not play back correctly.

  • Using the Unreal3 engine demo recorder doesn’t playback correctly.


    • Non-critical

    • Does not interfere with gameplay

    When using the following commands;

    • demorec filename

    Followed by the commands;

    • playdemo filename

    • playdemo filename?3rdperson

    The following are the results;

    • Models float (no limb movement)

    • No weapon models

    • Does not play from correct perspective (from skeleton no matter what camera angle)

    I’m not sure if this is an engine problem, or something that can be corrected. I know the demos work in other games, so I would imagine it’s not the engine; or that it’s a resolvable issue.

  • Developer

    Known issue, demos are currently not supported.

  • Thanks for hasty response. Was looking forward to hype videos. :|

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