Feedback (primarily on archery)

  • Hello all,

    With the new closed alpha test I wanted to provide some feedback on the state of the game so far. I played chiv 1 for thousands of hours, so I want to help make chiv 2 as fun to play as possible.

    Everything but the “glitches” section is just opinion based on experience.


    Overall, my biggest issue with the game’s archery is the crossbow. The crossbow is stuck in between two design philosophies; one being “sit and shoot” and the other being “don’t sit and shoot”. At the moment the gameplay style for this weapon is not clearly defined and therefore the class suffers in a way that makes it less viable to use. I’d suggest the following changes:

    1.) The crossbow should be a sit and shoot weapon. This means that you should be rewarded for setting up and making long-range shots. However, saving yourself when the distance is closed should still be possible. To accomplish this:

    • Crossbow 100% needs to be able to remain crouched while reloading. However, reloading needs to take longer if there’s no heavy xbow. The reload is too fast. The xbow shouldnt be able to be used as a primary weapon up-close, and right now if can be if you have an elevated vantage point.

    • Xbow should (like chiv1) one-shot archers from the waist up. No other class should be hit this hard (MAA used to be like this and should not be); everything else should have the opportunity to close the gap, meaning 2-3 shots. Lightweight classes should take 1 hit if it’s a headshot; classes with a full helmet should not.

      • You’d stop a lot of people from whining about archers this way, as it makes engaging them more viable.

      • archer survivability remains high while not “ruining” melee gameplay and providing a path for archers to get kills while still assisting the team.

    • Crossbow needs to allow weapon-swapping to animation-cancel a reload. Otherwise, it’s virtually impossible to recover if you’re snuck up on. Stealth-killing archers should not be a free kill.

      • Alternatively, the “rifle butt” attack that was given to archers should stun the opponent long enough to swap weapons, and should smoothly combo into a weapon swap. This is probably the superior option.

      • While this seems like it’s counterintuitive to “sit and shoot”, remember that a player shouldnt be punished for sitting and shooting. Gameplay should reward certain styles, not eliminate them as viable options to make classes versatile.

    • Crossbow should return to the “aimed” stance if I hold the button down during reload.

    2.) The regular bow should be made to be mobile and should reward engaging the opponent at mid-range.

    • The bow on its own is not a primary weapon. It is designed to weaken an opponent at range, or pick off targets of opportunity. Therefore, it needs a way to smoothly combo into a weapon swap to a melee weapon.

    • Bow needs way to lower wep once drawn. if there is one, I couldn’t find it. Only way I could see was a weapon swap which takes too long.

    • The crossbow should get the barricades, all of them. The main bows should get the heal instead. The brazier is a toss-up, but personally I’d like to see that be an alternative to the pavise for crossbow, and instead see the regular bows get an ammo capacity increase, or throwing axes/ some sort of shorter-range, harder-hitting projectile.

    General Gameplay:

    • No indicator for chase mechanic, but I can tell it’s happening. There should be some sort of sign letting the player know it’s activated.

    • Currently cannot jump up and then begin climbing a ladder. If this is by design, I’d personally like to see the design changed.

    • Kicking feels generally ineffective without causing a flinch. If it is supposed to cause a flinch, it does not. If it isn’t supposed to cause a flinch, it should.

    • Not a ton of overall variety in weapons (I’d like to see the heavy xbow come back, for example). But I hope this will change when we get closer to beta.


    • Can shoot through walls sometimes. If my arrow visibly hits an obstacle, sometimes it will still logically continue on to the target.

    • Swapping weps sometimes lags and swaps to fists, which inevitably gets you killed.

    That’s all for now. I’ll continue to add to this thread as I find things and/or think of them.

    (Updated to add more info on regular bows and for formatting)