• Hey guys.

    Something I’ve noticed that has been annoying me a bit is the spectator cam when you’re dead. You currently can’t centre your cam on a player or even 3rd person to view the battle and the camera can’t go through walls to quickly watch another fight. It’s also very slow to move around.

    I think personally some improvements to the spectator cam would be:

    • Make the camera move faster
    • Allow it to go through walls to view other fights
    • Have the ability to go 1st person and/or 3rd person with the current option to free roam.


  • I think clicking to swap to other players is a good idea, definitely support that idea being implemented into the game for easier spectating.

  • In Tribes: Ascend (also using unreal engine) you can increase/decrease camera speed with the scroll wheel. It works great, I’d highly recommend a similar feature.

    From my experience with the same title, first person spectating is troublesome to set up on the engine, so I’m not sure if we can expect it from an indie dev team, but snapping to players in third person shoudldn’t be too hard.

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