Beta impression

  • Hello guys ?
    How are you ?
    Just wanted to say that as Chiv 1 and Mordhau vet,
    I am playing the Beta right now and… this Chivalry 2 has the worse fight system…The parry is really bad
    Chivalry 1 > Mordhau > Chivalry 2
    Im so disapointed !
    Bought this game because I thought that it was like Chivalry 1
    This Chivalry is a game for very casual players…

  • i like the game a lot so far
    just wish i can play with friends

  • Great game , can’t wait to play full game 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  • as of right now I feel the game needs a lot of polishing. The fighting system feels very rigid and often has players “hitting” targets but the attacks not registering. blocking feels like a game of chance as you can be looking right at the tip of the player’s weapon and it won’t block. Dragging your attack doesn’t work as the player’s hitboxes are desynced from their avatars. It has more casual features but they arent functioning correctly leading to frustrations from casuals and elitists combined.

  • Hello Hello,

    I think, you can make a bigger package for the price.
    I know that a Beta, but if there is really nothing more than just click and slash, it will be rapidly annoying.

    And what about to add a scourge of war, it’s a part of medieval weapons?

    But it’s a good game, really pretty for the eyes, well done


  • A think that fighting system is good, but if ther is a chance to change system 360 degrese like in a Kingdoms Rise, Then sword fighting would be more epic.
    I really like the dynamic camera when it is dying, e.g. on fire. However, the script ends too quickly and you cannot see this camera until you fall to the ground, which is a pity because it’s really cool as the camera goes crazy to look at your hands as they burn.

  • There is too much Range Combat for a Melee Game. Otherwise i like it. But the Archery is a gamer breaker to me.

  • I agree, the game is great, graphics are awesome, classes, weapons, armor, etc are all really nice - but the actual gameplay is disappointing and really frustrating. It seems like all weapons and movements are sluggish, and that the is some inaccuracies of what you see vs. what actually lands, deflects, etc. Compared to For Honor, Kingdom Come Del., Skyrim, or any other melee based game on the PS4, Chivalry 2 needs a lot of polishing to at least keep up with what other developers have been able to accomplish. Get this right and it will be a really great game…

  • @Goetz You’re the one defining it as a “melee game”. Sure, it’s primarily melee based, but that doesn’t make it solely a melee game. Calling it a “medieval battle” game would be more fitting.

    Chivalry 2 is a multiplayer first person slasher inspired by epic medieval movie battles. Players are thrust into the action of every iconic moment of the era - from clashing swords, to storms of flaming arrows, to sprawling castle sieges and more.

    I absolutely loved my experience in the beta! I much preferred the combat to that in the original Chivalry and Mordhau. There’s lots of polish still needed, like with the initial charge in battle (not being able to attack at times, invisible team mates, etc) and other various stuff, but for the most part, it’s a solid game that I can see myself playing many, many hours of!

  • Completely disagree with everything except your last sentence, it’s for casual players, not very casual players.

    I don’t understand why a vanishingly tiny minority of super hardcore people expect companies to pander to them and nuke their own game while doing so, like Mordhau did. Mordhau is a failed game precisely because it is for a small minority of super hardcore players.

  • I had party with friends and noticed that my friends are way too hard to find in the battlefield. We need somekind of icon or mark to show where the squad is moving.

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