How are PC specs coping with the game?

  • Im running this game with

    I5 10400F processor
    1660 Super GPU
    16gb ram

    I’m consistently getting framerate drops and spikes in both the Alpha and Beta, I’ve tried every setting from the lowest it can go with the lowest capped frame rate available. I still get 1 second or 2 second freezes which are fatal in this game. Ive already purchased the game on xbox but if this is going to be my experience on PC I might just stick with the console version which is perfectly optimized for the machine.

  • i5-4590K 3.50GHz
    GTX 970
    16 gigs of ram

    The game is running great, I’ve got things on medium, some settings on high, max FOV, 1080p. Never under 70fps even on the biggest map with all the players and effects. Not one stutter that I’ve noticed, I’ve put around 3 hours into the game, mostly objective maps

  • machine similar to my netflix box mr rJarr 4790, 970 stix single though i got another about. plus
    32gb ram , I would advise cap the fps at 62 the game runs very nicely sire imo. Not on crash today while using my w10 disk in this same computer.

  • My specs are
    Intel Core i7-9700k
    Hyperx Fury DDR4 16GB ram
    and a GTX 3080

    and my game crashes all the time, can’t play more than 1-2 min before the game crashes

  • W10 is it? not sure whats going on with that high end rig tbh. A recent update of windows 10
    did cause major gaming problems , stuttering did you read that or update.
    secondly can’t you try introducing low / medium low settings and gradually bring in each setting to find the cause. cap the fps for now. gl sire back in the weekdays myself.

  • 2700x
    eMV HDD

    I am getting 70-90 frames with everything jacked all the way up, including FOV at 110 on a 2K UW monitor.

  • Ryzen 5 5600X
    2070 Super
    16GB ram

    I haven’t noticed any drops, though, when in third person it does freeze for a bit – but occurs less so in first person. Though it seems to happen most when attacking – and that second long freeze is always a death sentence.

    Weirdly, my NVIDIA frame rate won’t show at all, and, i constantly get the poor frame rate warning but it seems to be at least 60. Hopefully DLSS is enabled later on!

  • i7 8700 (non K)
    GTX 1070
    32 GB of Ram

    It runs okay but when I stream/record, I do notice some slow downs and issues. I have 200 mbps down internet as well. I stream in 720p and record in 1080p if I plan not on streaming.

    Trying out Twitch and uploaded two clips on Youtube. I’m bad so don’t judge too hard. Feel free to check out a vid to see how it runs.

    It has crashed on me while streaming but not sure if it’s because I’m streaming or not. In prior Alpha’s haven’t really noticed crashes. I OC my 1070 too with MSI afterburner.

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