Unlink dodge and jump

  • Can you please add a way to unlink these in the controls? I hate jumping when I want to dodge and I hate dodging when I want to jump.

  • +1

    Having the option to double-tap A/S/D for dodge would be nice.

    On the subject of dodge, what are the thoughts of a dodge forward? I think itd be a nice offensive option to disrupt an opponents timing. As we walk towards each other, can I begin a wind-up heavy attack, or will he dash forward and poke? etc etc and the further mind-games ensue.

  • @sharkh20 Yeah they don’t mind giving you 15 buttons you have to bind for attacks, but separating dodge and jump? That’s a bridge too far!

    They are 2 totally different maneuvers which accomplish two different things. This is another clear symptom of being designed for consoles first and foremost.

    @buderburg said in Unlink dodge and jump:

    On the subject of dodge, what are the thoughts of a dodge forward?

    Have you tried turning your back on them really fast and dodging backwards behind them? It’s fun

  • @buderburg that would be game breaking, it would literally become of a game of spears and foward dashes

  • @juliansrevenge said in Unlink dodge and jump:

    @buderburg that would be game breaking, it would literally become of a game of spears and foward dashes

    If there was an actual forward dash-attack, maybe. But the forward dash/dodge would still have its recovery frames, and you could very well just dash into an incoming slash before you could get your own attack off. Its all mind games just like any other mechanic.

  • I am playing with the console version and stuck with controllers for time being and our dodge and jump are linked too I would like another key bind for something for this too.

  • On console its even worse it have your promblem too. I also hate when i want slap someone and i crouch because this 2 are also the same button and a really bad button. You have to click the right analog stick for slapping and hold it for crouch.
    Sometimes he slaps sometime he crouch.
    I see the devs never do console things.
    What i not understand is when i click the left analog stick it does nothing absolutely nothing. Why cant this button do anything, cant this button be bound to Slap for example, so crouch and slap is seperated.

  • it’s says holding it is bound to alternate attack drags of your swings or says it (L3 left analog stick down press). You know how the normal slashes start right to left. I was trying to use it to alternate my first swing to use to make my first swing be left-right as the wall was on right on I didn’t want to hit the wall I wanted the swing to put him between the sword and the wall. Hope I am explaining this right. But I cant alternate attack to work yet.

  • 100% agree, I play on a console and i’ve never managed a dodge in the heat of battle, I can do it in training. It seems that you have to let go of all buttons for a fraction of a second, then tap the button at exactly the same time flick the stick so the button press and the direction happen within the same millisecond. Then it works. Trying todo that while your’e in the middle of a fight is borderline impossible.
    Also agree and have the same issue with the crouch/jab. when you want to do any of these things it needs to be almost instant so having to hold a button will never be ideal.
    double tap for the win

  • @Maggi i play on pc, but use a controller, you hold for crouch. it even says in the control settings

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