Fix Takedowns Please

  • I feel like takedowns need to be adjusted. If you don’t get more than 50 damage (it seems) then you don’t get the count for a takedown on someone. This is over-inflating takedowns for classes that do more damage in one hit. This affects archers’ takedowns quite a bit seeing as it takes multiple shots to get over that 50 damage mark (unless it’s a head shot or against another archer where a body shot is 63 initial).

    Just my opinion, but seems silly to be getting hits on people and not being a part of the takedown even though you’re helping. Especially when you’re pummeling someone together as a team.

  • I can’t say I paid enough attention to when I was being credited with takedowns to comment on whether it’s true or not, but I don’t see any problem with it even if it does require a certain amount of damage.

    Archers have the bonus of being away from all the combat while making their attacks, so a reduced damage seems like a fitting compromise.

    That’s the same for other classes/weapons too. If you’re going for a faster weapon, the damage is reduced and you may need to make a couple of attacks for a takedown.

    It seems perfectly reasonable to me that you need to make a respectable amount of damage before being credited with a takedown. Tickling someone shouldn’t count, although they could add another “Tickles” stat specifically for that :P

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