A Few Minor Suggestions

    • Option for your character to be right or left-handed to mix up blocking and fighting a bit.

    • Hardcore mode - helmets cover view, single hit to limb severs it, hit to cuirass does nothing, no arrow trails, less “forgiveness” for blocks.

    • Ability to knock players over and fight from the ground.

    • Contextual events - bow strings snap if wet, people sometimes trip if moving backwards up a hill/stairs while fighting, etc.

    • Team “Squads” with option of a mini map so squad leader can draw attack plan/give orders to increase amount of team cooperation.

    • Add assists as a point column next to kills/deaths.

    • Revised scoring - assists count as points. (reward players who play as a support role)

    • Revised leveling up - kills and assists count towards a points ceiling for the next level. Leveling up unlocks various weapons/helmets NOT related to what you use - encourages new players to try different classes aside from man-at-arms.

  • hit to cuirass does nothing

    I already thing about it. But in game it will break some balance, heavy class will be near invincible.

    I really think this hability can be add in an antiquity Mod. Warrior didn’t wear full plate armor. Head/leg/arm will stay vulnerable for heavy legionaire

    Hammer can hit trought chainmail but block by plate armor. But add a chance to break armor.
    If dev let possibility of scripting for mod this can be possible

  • I like some of your ideas, like the right and left option and the team squads. Although some may argue it will be to much UI. I’m not a fan at the comtextual events however. I don’t think that randomness has a place in this game IMO.
    You can see your own asssist, and they count as points in the scoreboard in teamgames (5 I believe), but yeah it would be nice to see it next to kills/deaths. I think that would come in a patch soon.

  • @shayologo:

    But in game it will break some balance, heavy class will be near invincible.

    I think the knight would have to be heavily tweaked. Maybe limit amount per team, have the knights move a lot slower, attacking users would aim to stab joints in the plate which would incapacitate that limb or force users to use a warhammer to crush the plate. Knights could also drown in shallow water if knocked down?

  • @Yallah:

    I don’t think that randomness has a place in this game IMO.

    No randomness - just truly contextual. For example: if you’re fighting while moving backwards and come to a step and your stamina is below 10%, you stumble. If you’ve fired your bow 10+ times and cross a river, you bow will need to be restrung or break the string.

  • Left hand mode only if “lefty’s” feel they need it.

    Hardcore mode: Not needed. The game is hardcore anyway, some weapons are one hit kills. And quite a few are two. You cannot really get much more hardcore than that. A single hit to sever a limb would just be unrealistic 100% of the time. As it stands if the 1st blow is a killing blow it will sever anyway. And “helmets cover view”. Strongly against this. Your view is restricted enough as is in 1st person to further restrict would detrimental to gameplay.

    Knock players over and fighting from the ground. I do not see what worthwhile gameplay could be achieved from this.

    Tripping over, bow strings breaking. No. Provides no relevant gameplay advantages.

    Team/squads. Maybe good as a way for friends to keep together(devs are possibly working on this). But objectives are simple as they are and still people do not play them. I do not see how having a “leader” telling players what to do would make any difference. Plus there were no voice coms in medieval times. Battlefields were chaotic places orders near impossible once a battle had started. Chivalry does a good job at portraying the chaos of a battle. Orders and mini-maps would break this immersion.

    Add assists as a point column next to kills/deaths. Yes definitely.

    Assists count as points. I was not aware that they do not, but I will take your word for it and agree. Yes you should get points for assist. This could curb people running blindly after a kill and leaving objectives undefended.

  • @Po1ymorph:

    Left hand mode only if “lefty’s” feel they need it.

    Except right now there’s a lot of complaints about the dynamic with shields. If you have your shield on your right side side - you will end up fighting completely differently depending on which side your opponent has their sword/shield. Completely adds a whole new dimension to the battle and requires you to adapt your tactics. Yes, it’s not needed, but is definitely in the spirt of the gameplay.

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