Why someone has skin ?

  • On the NA server, there is one person at level 46, he has a skins, isn’t there no skin for beta to buy

  • Hey there!

    Customization is disabled for the beta, but if someone played in one of the previous tests that had customization enabled their custom characters will persist into the beta.

    So everyone you see with a non-default appearance played during one of the alphas that had customization.

  • So I can enter the Alpha test, then change the appearance, and then go back to the beta?

  • @DaMing513 From what I’ve heard, the alpha only had customization enabled for certain tests. It may be different now. So yes, if you jumped on the alpha and changed your character’s appearance, then any subsequent betas will have your new look. Just be warned it does not transfer to the full release.

  • @Stormaaron It doesn’t work now, the Alpha Test Launcher has become a Beta Launcher. Will there be a second beta test after the beta test is over?

  • @DaMing513 " We don’t have any additional Beta opportunities to announce at this time, but it wouldn’t be very chivalrous of us to shoot down the idea entirely." This is from their closed beta wrap-up. It looks like they’re still undecided.

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