Free to Play + Battlepass

  • I sincerely like chivalry 2, but I really am afraid if this game doesn’t have enough players. The idea of having almost 50 people in one session is very good, but if a match doesn’t have enough players it started to get bored. “Bot isn’t a player and can’t be a player.”

    My suggestion is to make this game free to play but with exclusive content, battle pass, etc. This game has a very high potential. But currently, Fans are only those who love medieval warfare games. One way to get more fans is by giving them a taste of blood and gore, I am pretty sure they will like the game.

    I really hope this game will become a successful game. But you need to do something about raising the player base.

    And also you need to something about the anti-hacking system. This game is supposed to be fun to play. Toxic players and hackers don’t deserve to play this beautiful masterpiece. Btw I really like the beta version.

  • I’m not sure how you can even say there wouldn’t be enough players when the game hasn’t even released yet. I played a tonne of beta and the majority of the time (daytime/evening EU) I was in full games of players. The only time there were bots were around Monday, later at night and into the early hours of the morning. But that was closed beta; not a true representation of actual players at release.

    I can’t say I came across any obvious hackers throughout beta either. Toxic/abusive players, plenty, and I reported most of them. I don’t expect much to happen to them with it being beta, but it’s an easy process, and hopefully reports will be actioned after the game is actually released.

    As a follow-up; free-to-play and battle passes are the worst.

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