One hit kills? hit by 70 damage strike?

  • I have died at full health as a knight with 175 HP by one hit. Lowest was a 70 damage strike according to death info.

    How is that happening?
    Is this a bug in damage dealt or damage shown?

  • @CrimsonAvenger ambusher, special attack, with a 2 handed weapon, high damage stats?


  • @Rodelero What is ambusher? is that an ability? also, the kill feed tells you how much damage was done. So there is no way a 70 damage attack can kill if you have 175 HP. So either reported damage is wrong, or damage actually dealt is wrong.

  • @CrimsonAvenger ambusher was some Vanguard hybrid class that supposedly dealt a 30% damage bonus for rear hits on your enemy, sumthing like that.

  • @Rodelero has happened to me too on a head to head collision with an opponents holding a pole hammer

  • I have noticed this too damage must not reporting the right # or hp lower than it says what’s going what kinda math is going on here.

  • Does the info represent all past damage values or only the last hit?

  • @QLMX said in One hit kills? hit by 70 damage strike?:

    Does the info represent all past damage values or only the last hit?

    I always assumed that number is just the killing blow. The OP probably got whacked by maybe a ranged weapon and then immediately hit with a melee strike, gave the illusion of a one hit kill.

  • it’s because the pc users are already using mods. wait for the devs to pull their heads out of their asses. sony is already looking into security “breaches” (that’s what i was told over chat and the phone… i was actually able to talk to a rep and they are “aware” apparently… 🤔

    disabling cross play in game options doesn’t keep them out. the devs did it intentional so that their severs look full. currently their is no way to avoid the pc mod players. footage i sent to sony shows players with extended block time and faster swing speeds with two handers and archers with health mods…

    infact some of the players i’ve recorded have tags that look like playstation and xbox gamer tags… but when you try to pull up their profile it’s inoperable (playstion). mostly the pc mod players are using tags like AXT35 or somthing similar… i go after them and if i mange to kill them a lot my playstation crashes to blue screen. 😂

    it’s a forest fire.

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