Beta feedback 40+hours

  • Good beta, played it to death, disappointed with that false advertising for my xbox pre-order, had to beat an old lady with a stick to get that beta key, took only 9hours, then had to download it… That being said, i liked it, but, it got stale [probably because of a lack of customization in beta] overall, i can’t really give a proper review, it was just a beta, and, i feel it wont last longer then a month, after release, when compared to games like Fortnite, popularity wise, and money wise. Its casual, yes, but its knights ansd stuff.

  • @Rodelero wait you played 40 plus hours on a 4 day beta With game modes and said it won’t last long It gets boring , that’s hilariously hypocritical of you

  • @juliansrevenge im unemployed at the moment, so i played it almost non stop as man at arms, in first person view, it was a mix of misery, frustration, boredom, i like the challenge of playing an mma, it was fun here and there, but got stale over time. Unlocked all thier classes, field engineer was fun, placing cheap field spikes and walls was the most fun, it lacked the opinion to replenish those cheap field spikes and stationary shields, the trap was absolute garbage, placing items on the battlefield, at key points, literally saved the mason king in a match, and shielded my team on the bridge on lionspire, which lead to a victory. i would love to see more opinions for field engineer, like more and different placeable items, and the number u can place ect. Maybe even different weapons. idk

  • @Rodelero Same principle here as with playing a new song you love over and over again. It’s gonna get boring, fast. Perhaps, next time, play around with other classes and loadouts. It sounds like you’re the one making it boring for yourself.

    That said, I played 32 hours of beta and absolutely loved my experience. No boredom, no misery, some frustration from time to time, but that’s all part of the Chivalry experience :P

    Also, don’t compare this to Fortnite. They’re completely different types and styles of games and, quite frankly, it’s an insult to Chivalry.

  • @Rodelero I feel you , I played 13 hours it was fun but I can see w/ no customization How it gets boring . the traps don’t nearly go “big” mostly for show if anything they’re just an aesthetic , I spend 12 of 13 hours mastering counters and dueling 3 people at a time to only get headshotted by an archer there seems to be no incentive to not be an archer , it seems like an uphill battle as pig to the Slaughter getting past the gate unless your John snow , and my main issue is pole hammers swing faster than long swords, when enemies close in on you there should be an indicator to what side there on all people did was try to flank me

  • @Gawain112 oh no i like chivalry, and frustration is to be expected, its part of gaming afterall, but, i was expecting to annihilate everyone as an mma, like back in 2012, i got gud, then they nerf my boy to oblivion, lol. I like chivalry and that was a very good beta, and i know Its gonna take about a month to get good again, but, its genre is knights and stuff, and renascence fairs aren’t the craz of modern man, sadly. Im just saying Fortnite is more modern and generaly apealing to Modern man, and its free, that’s why it’s surviving, and why chivalry will probably go under the radar after release.

  • @juliansrevenge I think they made longswords stab quicker in this one, if u you go over weaon stats ingame, they made some weapons faster at overheads, stabs, slashes, specials ect, And i think they made longswords in this game stab quicker? So weapons kinda dictate the playstyle? if u chose a morningstar, a special spam playstyle, if a longsword, spam stab.

  • @juliansrevenge “when enemies close in on you there should be an indicator to what side there on all people did was try to flank me”
    consider the following

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