Suggestion for tutorial

  • Add a teamwork section to teach players not to use slashes in team fights.

  • @Sir-Crusher reminds me of beta, i spamed heavy slash attacks getting lots of team damage, maybe downing 4-3 teammates altogether throughout the beta, and killing 2-3 teammates with overheads with the hatchet and mace i think… i used that sword mostly, and they put all the swords bonuses in the slash department, team damage is dismal anyways, so yeah.

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    This is a really good point. I don’t think teammates are ever mentioned in the tutorial.

  • Tutorials are supposed to teach the basics. Players shouldn’t need to have their hands held in a game like this. I’d like to think it’s pretty obvious when the red text and damage pops up after hitting and/or killing a team mate, or when your score starts decreasing.

    Many players make an informed decision to swing, even when allies are around, simply because they can potentially take down more enemies than allies. It’s your choice if you decide to stay next to your frenzied buddy or not.

    There will always be team damage and kills, and I love that about Chivalry! It’s probably one of the most realistic aspects.

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