Bout time thanks

  • Well im sold.Ill buy anything you put out for this game so keep up the awesome work. It is about time a game like this came out ive been waiting since the 90’s for a game that delivers that hardcore melee excitement.I think all the complaints i read are just yet more pampered millennium kids who dont know what a fun game actually is.Try growing up with pac man bubble bobble and dig dug.Lol so yes thank you soo much for this awesome game Torn. Remember folks this was merely a beta test june will be here not soon enough haha.Cant wait to take my pre order sword and cut a path

  • Amen! See you on the battlefields. May we behead as many haters as we can

  • @Alienoucast spoken like a true sycophant.

  • Aim for the ones with yeet in the name. Dumbest word ever thought up

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