Some other suggestions.

  • Would be neat for Officer and Crusader Knights to be allowed to pick heater shields for their item in place of their throwing knives and axes.

    I had thought Knights were allowed to equip heater shields in their loadout by default but I guess that’s not the case. Not even for Guardian.

    Also Longsword being usable by Crusader and Messer by Officer additionally. Crusader and Officer should be able to equip each other’s Mace and one handed sword type weapons by default too.

    Also along with Longsword, would be cool for the Messer to be updated to be usable as a Bastard sword like in the previous game too.

    Or alternatively update Guardian Knights to be allowed to pick heater shields in place of heavy shield and to be able to pick Longsword and Messer as primaries and allow them exclusively a passive trait to be able to use these swords two or one-handed like Bastard Swords.

    And Longbowman Archers could perhaps do with the Warbow being brought back as a primary option for them. Slower to draw than longbow but more powerful like previous. Also maybe a bit faster stamina drain

    Maybe an Arbalest/Heavy Crossbow for Crossbowman Archers too.

  • The only issue Is archers with standard bows will never be as good as once with upgrades bows, creates an uneven playing field for same class.

    If the bows did less or more depending on foes armour type than that makes it a lot more fair for not just the class but the people getting one shot by arrows in plat email

    I like the heater idea, more is always better in my opinion

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