State of the gore

  • In its current state, the gore of this game is terrible. There’s only one point of amputation for each limb, there should be three: ankle, knee and thigh/ wrist, elbow and shoulder. Secondly, there is currently no non-dismembering wounds on characters, instead of cuts you will see a lazy bloody overlay which only works to make all corpses look identical, actual wounds would go a long way to help this games gore/immersion. Finally, the blood on the ground looks and acts weird…you can punch someone and a bucket of blood will spawn on the ground out of nowhere, there should be small blood splashes for hits and blood pools around dead characters wounds/ dismembered limb.

    Currently the gore is a copy and paste job from chiv 1, with a downgrade in the form of head destruction…This game is really fun and its a shame to see the gore handled so poorly when it was one of the most memorable/ iconic things about the original back in 2012.

    Thanks for reading :)

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