Risk VS Reward

  • Am I the only one that feels like the kick is just plain useless?
    The kick is supposed to be used in 2 situations;
    1: when your opponent is constantly blocking with a shield.
    2: when you need to create some space from your opponent.

    The problem with the first situation is the kick does either too little damage or costs far too much stamina for it to be at aleast an even tradeoff for the person kicking.
    The problem with the second is that after a kick it seems like both people recover at the same time, which just makes it a waste of precious stamina.

    In summary the kick costs far too much stamina and if you guess wrong you eat 50%+ damage whilst only being able to hope for ~10% if you’re succesful.

    My suggestion is to either make kick do more damage or make it drain the opponents stamina greater than the stamina cost of the kick in order to make it worth the risk

  • @Paraxis:

    Am I the only one that feels like the kick is just plain useless?
    The kick is supposed to be used in 2 situations;
    1: when your opponent is constantly blocking with a shield.
    2: when you need to create some space from your opponent.
    3: to knock people into spikes and off cliffs

    You missed one.

  • I agree with kick’s usefulness in breaking shield blocks, at least to the extent that your target seems to recovery as quickly as you can land a followup attack. This can still come in handy if you have a buddy helping (you kick, he attacks) but then you’re probably going to win a 2v1 anyway.

    I don’t think I’d want kick to do any more damage than it does. That just doesn’t seem to be consistent with what it’s for, or what it is.

    From what I’ve seen so far, kick doesn’t see a lot of use. It can really throw somebody off if you land a kick in the middle of a fight, because unless they are block spamming, they probably aren’t expecting it.

    Also in this regard, you can use it more or less to block attacks (really to interrupt them before they land.) Most of the time, your enemy is expecting you to either parry or to get hit. If you kick him before his attack lands, it’s an alternative (admittedly one costly in stamina) but again it’s usually unexpected by your enemy and can throw off his rhythm. This is a little different than using an attack to flinch your enemy, as a kick can interrupt an attack that is already in motion. However, I am assuming due to latency, you will still sometimes take damage doing this.

    Just what I’ve seen from my experience so far. Kick seems to have a nice place right now in throwing people off, simply because kick is not often used.

  • The game says a kick is used to lower an opponents guard so you can attack them, but most often you can still parry or block in time after being kicked.

    The only use I found for kicks is distancing yourself from opponents (or pushing them off cliffs).

  • Well i can’t think of any situation where i’d rather kick an attacking enemy than block. You recover quicker if you block and you can swing first. if you kick, you’re neutral

  • The longer I play the more I find the kick useful. I haven’t noticed that I run out of stamina from over-using the kick either.

    “1: when your opponent is constantly blocking with a shield.”
    –I find that when I kick an opponent who is blocking with a shield, I am actually able to hit them afterwards if I’m using a 1H weapon that is fast enough and if I aim at a vulnerable spot. Maybe if I was playing against a good player, it wouldn’t work, but I’ve definitely had success in this regard using kick.

    “2: when you need to create some space from your opponent.”
    –When my opponent is trying to get in close and is overwhelming me, I use a kick to get them away from me and out of the range of their dagger or whatever it is. If I don’t kick they can stay in close where they have the advantage if I’m using a slow weapon.

  • Kick strength should be according to your class (Knights stronger than archers), but have enough kick strength on archers that they can actually run away if necessary. Also, there should be a ‘follow-up’ attack that (kick with sword cocked back and WHAM!), if missed, will drain significant stamina.

  • I don’t know about all that, but I do know a Knight can’t be kicked nearly as far as an archer can. Or at least that’s what I see.

  • The kick doesn’t let you land a damaging hit automagically because this is skill based combat.

    The kick is a thing to use to trick your opponent into messing up. Such as throw a kick, then feints a swing and then really swing. Then do it again, then the third time you don’t feint.

    Or if your opponent is rushing you a lot, you can feint n then kick them back, then keep backing up and try to make them think you will do the same thing again but instead you dont feint and just attack.

    If you have seen top players in street fighter 2-4 for example (which is one of the most skill based games), they will purposely throw moves at the air to trick their opponent into making mistakes.

    Stuff like this is called mind games often.

    The kick is also very punishable. I often swing and try to dodge the kick when I see someone try to kick me because they can’t block while they kick. (This applies to shields as well.)

    Now directly responding to the OP…

    If your opponent is blocking a lot, they are probably losing more stam than you do. You don’t lose stam for hits that are blocked while they do, so you should probably have high stam enough to use the kick. I don’t find it to be that big of a hit to stam. The kick is already useful, so yea…

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