Change respawning in FFA

  • So, i believe respawning works like this:

    All respawns are on a 10-15 second timer, when that timer hits 0, all the dead players respawn and the timer resets.

    This is a great system in team based gamemodes because people will spawn with eachother and team up, but it doesnt make much sense in FFA. On very populated FFA servers people can end up spawning on top of eachother since there are only so many spawnpoints. I also think you should have to click to respawn, instead of automatically respawning. I like to type things after i die and sometimes i end up getting spawned too early and killed because I’m typing.

  • +1 to some kind of change. I’d prefer a flat 5 second respawn. I don’t mind auto spawning, but I can see the merits of click to spawn; maybe make it a toggle in the options somewhere?

  • +1.

    It’s also rather exploitable that if you keep track of the round timer, you can time your deaths (or intentionally /suicide) so that you respawn immediately thereby minimizing your down time & maximizing your score.

    While on the topic of FFA respawning I’d like to hear some kind of respawn sound. Players magically & silently appearing immediately behind you is annoying, and will catch out even the most situationally aware players.
    This introduces an element of luck to the fights, and thus lowers the skill ceiling - a bad thing.

  • I can’t imagine anything but single elimination FFA actually being fair. FFA’s just ridiculous and hilarious. I suppose if you made it a little more complex (e.g. multiple rounds of single elimination FFA) then it might work out better.

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